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Contact Details

Position: Professor;
Director of the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music;
Deputy Director of the Centre for Digital Music
Tel: Internal: [13] 7681
International: +44 20 7882 7681
Office: ENG 406 (access from ENG403 via 4th floor of Graduate Centre)
Office Hours: Tue 3pm during semester.
Please mail me in advance to confirm availability or to request an appointment at other times.
Research Group: Centre for Digital Music
Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=9GvyqXEAAAAJ
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6098-481X

News & Events

Research Staff & Students

Carlos Lordelo
(PhD student on MIP-Frontiers project, co-supervised with Emmanouil Benetos, in collaboration with DoReMIR Music Research)
Domain Transfer for Automatic Instrument Recognition and Separation to Aid Polyphonic Transcription
Yukun Li
(PhD student, co-supervised by Polina Proutskova)
Computational Comparison Between Different Genres of Music in Terms of the Singing Voice
Mary Pilataki-Manika
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, co-supervised by Matthias Mauch, in collaboration with Apple Music)
Polyphonic Music Transcription using Deep Learning
Dave Foster
(PhD student on the AIM CDT)
Modelling the Creative Process of Jazz Improvisation
Brendan O'Connor
(PhD student on the MAT CDT)
Voice Transformation
Yin-Jyun Luo
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, co-supervised by Sebastian Ewert, in collaboration with Spotify)
Industry-scale Machine Listening for Music and Audio Data
Xavier Riley
(PhD student on the AIM CDT)
Jazz Solo Separation and Transcription
Yixiao Zhang
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, co-supervised by Mark Levy, in collaboration with Apple)
Music Representation Learning
Huan Zhang
(PhD student on the AIM CDT)
Computational Modelling of Expressive Piano Performance
Drew Edwards
(PhD student on the AIM CDT)
Modeling Jazz Piano: Symbolic Music Generation via Large-Scale Automatic Transcription
Carey Bunks
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, co-supervised by Bruno di Giorgi, in collaboration with Apple)
Cover Song Identification for Jazz
Tyler McIntosh
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, co-supervised by Nadine Kroher, in collaboration with DAACI)
Performance Rendering for Music Generation Systems
Ningzhi Wang
(PhD student on the AIM CDT, in collaboration with Spotify)
Generative Models for Music Audio Representation and Understanding

Completed PhDs

Emir Demirel
(completed June 2022)
Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Lyrics Transcription
(part of the MIP-Frontiers project, in collaboration with DoReMIR Music Research)
Ruchit Agrawal
(completed May 2022)
Towards Context-Aware Neural Performance-Score Synchronisation
(part of the MIP-Frontiers project, in collaboration with Tido Music)
Saumitra Mishra
(completed Sept 2020)
Interpretable Machine Learning for Machine Listening
(co-supervisor: Bob Sturm, KTH)
Daniel Stoller
(completed July 2020)
Deep Learning for Music Information Retrieval in Limited Data Scenarios
(co-supervisor: Sebastian Ewert, Spotify)
Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra
(completed June 2020)
A Critical Look at the Music Classification Experiment Pipeline: Using Interventions to Detect and Account for Confounding Effects
(co-supervisor: Bob Sturm, KTH)
Jiajie Dai
(completed March 2019)
Modelling Intonation and Interaction in Vocal Ensembles
Adib Mehrabi
(completed April 2018)
Vocal Imitation for Query by Vocalisation
Maria Panteli
(completed April 2018)
Computational Analysis of World Music Corpora
(co-supervisor: Matthias Mauch)
Zulfadhli Mohamad
(completed April 2018)
Estimating Performance Parameters from Electric Guitar Recordings
(co-supervisor: Chris Harte)
Siying Wang
(completed Nov 2017)
Computational Methods for the Alignment and Score-Informed Transcription of Piano Music
(co-supervisor: Sebastian Ewert)
Siddharth Sigtia
(completed Feb 2017)
Neural Networks for Analysing Music and Environmental Audio
Tian Cheng
(completed Nov 2016)
Exploiting Piano Acoustics in Automatic Transcription
(co-supervisor: Matthias Mauch)
Magdalena Chudy
(completed Sept 2016)
Discriminating music performers by timbre: On the relation between instrumental gesture, tone quality and perception in classical cello performance
Robert Tubb
(completed May 2016)
Creativity, Exploration and Control in Musical Parameter Spaces
Shengchen Li
(completed Mar 2016)
Expressive Timing Analysis in Classical Piano Performance by Mathematical Model Selection (supervised with Mark Plumbley)
Yading Song
(completed Jan 2016)
The Role of Emotion and Context in Music Preference
Peter Foster
(completed Apr 2015)
Information-Theoretic Measures of Predictability for Music Content Analysis
(co-supervisor: Anssi Klapuri)
Holger Kirchhoff
(completed May 2014)
A User-Assisted Approach to Multiple Instrument Music Transcription
(co-supervisor: Anssi Klapuri)
Amélie Anglade
(completed Apr 2014)
Logic-based Modelling of Musical Harmony for Automatic Characterisation and Classification
Lesley Mearns
(completed May 2013)
The Computational Analysis of Harmony in Western Art Music
Emmanouil Benetos
(completed Dec 2012)
Automatic Transcription of Polyphonic Music Exploiting Temporal Evolution
Robert Macrae
(completed Mar 2012)
Linking Music Metadata
Matthias Mauch
(completed Mar 2010)
Automatic Chord Transcription from Audio using Computational Models of Musical Context

Recently Finished

Ken O'Hanlon
Postdoctoral Research Assistant on Innovate UK Project in collaboration with Breathe Music Ltd (Nov 2019 - Jun 2021)
Development of Next-Generation Music Recognition Algorithm for Content Monitoring
Polina Proutskova
(Postdoctoral RA, Dec 2017 - Sep 2019)
Dig that Lick: Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances
Wenming Gui
(Visiting Fellow, Oct 2018 - Oct 2019)
Deep Learning and Singing Voice Detection
Jordan Smith
(Postdoctoral RA, Mar - May 2019)
Dig that Lick: Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances
Eita Nakamura
(Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Nov 2016 - Oct 2017)
Note Value Recognition for Rhythm Transcription
Lasse Vetter
(Research student, co-supervised with George Fazekas)
Polytimbral Instrument Activity Detection using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Peter Foster
(Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Nov 2015 - Oct 2016)
Automatic Transcription of Music (with DoReMIR Music Research AB)
Bruno Di Giorgi
(Visiting PhD Student, Apr - Jul 2016)
Modelling the Complexity of Tonal Chord Sequences
Matthias Mauch
(Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, 2012-2015)
Software Systems for Computer-Aided Music Understanding
Emilia Gomez
(Visiting Researcher, Jun - Sep 2015)
Intonation in Flamenco Singing
Julien Osmalskyj
(Visiting PhD Student, Feb - Jun 2015)
Cover Song Detection
Peter Foster
(RA Nov 2014 - Aug 2015)
Audio Data Exploration (with Audio Analytic Ltd)
Siddharth Sigtia
(RA Nov 2014 - Aug 2015)
Audio Data Exploration (with Audio Analytic Ltd) and Smart Microphone v2.0 (with Audio Analytic Ltd)
Gabrielle Medeot
(Visiting Research Student, Nov 2014 - Apr 2015)
Memory-enhanced RNN-NADE networks for modelling polyphonic musical sequences
Christof Weiss
(Visiting PhD Student, Feb, Nov 2014)
A musicologically motivated approach to automatic classification of music data
Lucas Thompson
(Vacation bursary Jun - Aug 2013)
Analysis of Intonation in Unaccompanied Singing
Alo Allik
(RA Oct 2012 - May 2013)
A Shared Open Vocabulary for Audio Research and Retrieval
Stephen Welburn
(RA Dec 2011 - Feb 2013)
Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data (2011-12) and Sound Data Management Training (2012-13)
Joachim Ganseman
(Visiting PhD Student, November 2011 - September 2012)
Sinusoidal modeling based on score-to-audio alignment
Magdalena Chudy
(RA Oct 2011 - Mar 2013)
MIReS: Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch
Marco Fabiani
(RA October 2011 - May 2012)
Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data
Adam Stark
(RA Dec 2011 - Mar 2012)
Musicology for the Masses
Xue Wen
(RA Dec 2011 - Mar 2012)
Musicology for the Masses
Dan Stowell
(RA Sept 2010 - March 2012)
Musicology for the Masses
Mathieu Barthet
(RA Sept 2010 - Nov 2011)
Musicology for the Masses
Ivan Damnjanovic
(RA Oct-Nov 2011)
Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data
Asma Rafiq
(Research student)
Modeling Users' Intentions for the Enhancement of Music Recommendation Systems
Barry Norton
(RA April-July 2011)
Linked Music Metadata
Thomas Gängler
(RA July 2011)
Linked Music Metadata
Cedric Mesnage
(RA March-July 2011)
Linked Music Metadata
Kurt Jacobson
(Research Assistant, 2010)
Linked Music Metadata



Articles about some of these projects have appeared in:


Beat tracking software BeatRoot (requires: Java, any platform)
BeatRoot is also available as a VAMP plugin for Sonic Visualiser.

Audio alignment software MATCH (requires: Java, any platform)
MATCH is also available as a VAMP plugin for Sonic Visualiser. There is a tutorial here .

Slides from the ISMIR 2015 Tutorial: Why Singing is Interesting by Simon Dixon, Masataka Goto and Matthias Mauch.

Slides from the IMA 2012 Tutorial on Music Signal Processing, by Mark Plumbley and Simon Dixon.

Slides from the ISMIR 2006 Tutorial on Computational Rhythm Description, by Fabien Gouyon and Simon Dixon.


I completed my BSc(Hons) (1986-1989) and PhD (1990-1994) degrees in Computer Science at the University of Sydney, and also learnt Classical Guitar at the NSW Conservatorium of Music, obtaining the AMusA (1987) and LMusA (1988). I was a lecturer in Computer Science at Flinders University of South Australia from 1994 until mid 1999, and a research scientist in the Intelligent Music Processing Group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence from 1999 to 2006. In December 2006 I joined QMUL's Centre for Digital Music as a Lecturer (now Professor), where I am now Deputy Director and lead the Music Informatics theme. I am Director of the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music, and founding editor of the journal Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval. I was Programme Co-chair for the 8th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (2007) and the 14th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (2013), and General Co-chair for the Dagstuhl Seminar on Multimodal Music Processing (2011) and the 9th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR 2012): Music and Emotions. I was President of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (2014-15); and am on the Editorial Board of the Journal of New Music Research, and the Advisory Board of the Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX).

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