MUSIC Project

Metadata Used In Semantic Indexes and Charts

semantic linking of music artists and articles


The objective of the “Metadata Used in Semantic Indexes and Charts” (MUSIC) project is to facilitate musicological research in the area of popular music. Emerging Linked Data technologies enable the combination of several music related data sources published openly on the Semantic Web. Academic Rights Press provides an extensive database of popular music charts, already linked to academic publications: Academic Charts Online (ACO). Fusing these resources will facilitate innovative, to date unprecedented ways of navigating through the popular music space, enabling novel research to be carried out. The integration of resources and the provision of an easy to use interface present several challenges requiring disparate skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and small scale funding difficult to obtain otherwise. These challenges include the effective fusion of Semantic Web resources with data and analytical tools provided by ACO, metadata alignment in different data repositories, testing and improving large-scale data integration technologies, and providing an interface relevant to researchers and students working in popular musicology. The project will thus rely on, and bring value to multiple disciplines including musicology, Linked Data and the Semantic Web, user interface design, software development, and the broader fields of music informatics and pedagogy.


Our industry partner Academic Rights Press (ARP) offers the database ACO: International Popular Music. This includes a growing repository of global chart data with a layer of analytical tools, accompanying sound samples copyright cleared for academia, and links to scholarly journals from Cambridge University Press, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, Rock's Back Pages and more. The Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has built up significant expertise in the aggregation of metadata using Semantic Web technologies. This includes the utilisation of existing Linked Data resources, publishing new data, and building ontologies governing data representation and integration, such as the Music Ontology, a de-facto standard for representing music data on the Semantic Web. The University of Northampton (UoN) has expertise in popular musicology. UoN became an early adopter of ACO, recognising the intrinsic benefits of such a repository for undergraduate and post-graduate research in the fields of information technology and popular music. The academic and contextualised online space provided by ACO has greatly enriched the teaching and learning pedagogy of undergraduate degree courses offered by UoN in the study of popular music. The partnership between QMUL, UoN and ARP, would not only further the development and implementation of this field of research, but allow both universities to be at the forefront of metadata aggregation and contextualised implementation of innovative music-based online frameworks.


This mini-project is funded by the EPSRC via the Semantic Media networking project that addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media documents.

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