BeatRoot: An Interactive Beat Tracking and Visualisation System

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BeatRoot has moved. It now lives on the Sound Software site

Release 0.5.8 (31.10.2011): Bug fix (-t option wasn't working)

Release 0.5.8-rc1 (10.2.2011): Modifications of BeatRoot by Sebastian Flossmann and Werner Goebl (Thanks!). I haven't checked these yet, but I expect they are all good:

Release 0.5.7 (1.12.2009): Missing source files added.

Release 0.5.6 (9.11.2007): Several requested updates and features.

Release 0.5.3 (21.10.2006): Complete documentation, improved batch file processing, and first release of the 0.5.x source code.

BeatRoot tops the results of the MIREX 2006 Audio Beat Tracking Competition: See the results here

Release 0.5.2 (21.09.2006): Some simple batch file processing and text output for the MIREX 2006 competition.

Release 0.5.1 (11.09.2006): bug fixed where some files failed beat tracking.

Release 0.5.0 (23.08.2006): new version of BeatRoot written entirely in Java. Runs on Linux, MAC and Windows operating systems. New features include:

Previous versions of BeatRoot are no longer maintained.


Up to date versions of BeatRoot are available from the Sound Software site
Download BeatRoot 0.5.8 (requires Java 1.6 or higher run-time environment)
Download BeatRoot 0.5.7 (requires Java 1.6 or higher run-time environment)
Download BeatRoot 0.5.7 with source code and documentation (for Java 1.5 or higher; use this version and recompile if you need to use Java 1.5)


Update on BeatRoot and several evaluations including MIREX 2006: Evaluation of the Audio Beat Tracking System BeatRoot, Journal of New Music Research, 36 (1), 39-50, 2007.
Short paper describing the version of BeatRoot submitted to MIREX 2006
DAFx'06 paper describing the new onset detection algorithm
Original paper describing beat tracking algorithms, Journal of New Music Research, 30 (1), 2001, pp 39-58.
Paper describing interactive system, Proceedings of the 2001 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC'2001), pp 215-218.
My other papers are available here


User Documentation for software, in HTML (needs updating)
Javadoc Documentation


Simon Dixon, London: updated 23 Apr 2013