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Conference contributions

  • M. J. Morrell, J. D. Reiss and S. Wilkie, "Surround Sound Using Variable-Ambisonics and Variable-Polar Pattern Theories," IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Expo (ICME), Melbourne, Australia, July 9-13, 2012
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  • I. Damnjanovic, C. Landone, P. Kudumakis and J. D. Reiss, "Accessing sound and related multimedia objects in EASAIER project", Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop (DMRN+3), Dec. 16, 2008
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  • M. J. Morrell and J. D. Reiss, "A Novel Method for Inside Panning of B Format Audio", Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop (DMRN+3), Dec. 16, 2008
  • R. Zhou and J. D. Reiss, "A fast polyphonic music transcription system", Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop (DMRN+3), Dec. 16, 2008
  • E. Streeter, M. Davies and J. D. Reiss, "Computer aided evaluation of music therapy recordings", Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop (DMRN+3), Dec. 16, 2008
  • P. Kudumakis , C. Cannam , C. Sutton , X. Wen, M. Levy , C. Harte, K. Noland , Y. Raimond , R. Zhou , I. Damnjanovic, J. D. Reiss , M. Sandler , Semantic music technologies on the DMP platform, Digital Media Project GA17, Contribution No 1093, London, UK, 23-25 January 2008.
  • 4th Experimental Chaos Conference, Stochastic Resonance in the Magnetoelastic Ribbon, Boca Raton, July 1997.
  • 5th Experimental Chaos Conference, Programming issues in nonlinear time series analysis, Orlando, July 1999.
  • Southern Economics Association, Ecological Catastrophe in a Well-Managed Economy, Atlanta, November 1997.
  • European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE), Safe Minimum Standards for Ecological Catastrophe, Firenze, Italy, June 1998.