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I am a member for the Networks Research Group

Research Interests

  • Microcontrollers and Sensor Networks
  • Coordinated Mobility (Target Tracking and Surveying Vehicles)
  • Internet Technologies (TCP/IP, Routing and G/MPLS)
  • Optical Networking (ASON, OBS, Resilience, Connection Management)
  • Network Security and Dynamic Virtual Private Networking
  • Nomadic Computing

Research Students

A summary of ongoing and previous Research Students is given as follows:

Umair Bilal Chaudhry - PhD Ongoing (Caching MANETs)

Rezvi Shahariar - PhD Ongoing (Secure VANETs)

Junchao Wang
- PhD Ongoing (Vehicle Tracking Prevention) *Co-supervised with Dr Yan Sun

Hussein Walugembe - PhD Completed 2022 (Intelligent Feedback for Patient Rehabilitation)

Nazrul Islam - PhD Completed 2021 (Network Planning for Rural Communities)

Habiba Akter - PhD Completed 2021 (AS-Domain Tunnelling)

Fenyu Jiang - PhD Completed 2020 (Multicast Scheme Based on Topology Semi-dependent Network Coding) *Co-supervised with Dr Yan Sun

Maksudur Mazumder - MPhil Completed 2020 (In-building Coordinated Surveying)

Yuhui Yao - PhD Completed 2018 (Efficient Multi-Hop Communications for
Software-Defined Wireless Networks
) *Co-supervised with Dr Yan Sun

Jingwen Bai - PhD Completed 2016 (Constructive Relay based Cooperative Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks) *Co-supervised with Dr Yan Sun

Jinfu Wang - PhD Completed 2015 (Management of Temporally and Spatially Correlated Failures in Federated Message Oriented Middleware for Resilient and QoS-Aware Messaging Services)

Yue Jia - PhD Completed 2014 (Resilient and Efficient Delivery over Message Oriented Middleware)

Xin Chen - PhD Completed 2014 (Energy Efficient Wired Networking)

Roya Haratian - PhD Completed 2014 (Towards Flexibility in Body Area
Sensing Systems: A Signal Processing Approach
) co-supervised by Dr Tijana Timotijevic

Xian Zhang
- PhD Completed 2011 (Resilient Overlay for Mission Critical Applications)

Yousef Hamouda - PhD Completed 2011 (Biologically-Inspired Self-Organising Communication Networks)

Ali Hassan - PhD Completed 2010 (Particle Swarm Optimization for Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Next Generation WDM Networks)

Jun Zhang
- PhD Completed 2010 (Flexible Distributed Computing with Volunteered Resources)

Yiran Gao - PhD Completed 2009 (Inter-Provider Dynamic VPNs)

Costas Neophytou - PhD Completed 2007 (Dynamic Tree Switching for MPLS Networks)

Huifang Kong - PhD Completed 2006 (Proactive Reservation Mechanisms for Next Generation Optical Networks)

Karen Shoop (joint) - PhD Completed 2005 (Agent-based Resource Management in IP Networks)

Rehan Zaidi - MPhil Completed 2005 (Real Time Trading Mechanisms for Automated Markets)

Song Dong - PhD Completed 2004 (Resilience Provisioning Mechanisms for IP-Centric Optical Networks)

Ivan Djodjevik - PhD Completed 2004 (Architecture for Dynamic and Secure Group Working)

Felicia Holness - PhD Completed 2000 (Congestion Control Mechanisms within MPLS Networks)

Research Grants

C.Phillips, Xin Wang, UK Government Office for Science (GO-Science) and the Ministry of Education in China , "China-UK Science Networks", £3960, 25/02/2008

C.Phillips, J.L.Marzo, Royal Society Joint Project Grant, "Intelligent Connection Management", £9920, 01/10/2007 - 30/09/2009

C.Phillips, J.M.Pitts, EPSRC Grant No: EP/D078741/1, “ Machine Learning for Resource Management in Next-Generation Optical Networks ”, £251298, 01/10/2006 - 31/09/2009

C.Phillips, Nortel Research Contract (QMUL Grant No: ELEL1A9R), “Intelligent Network Connection Management”, £41345, 01/11/2003 - 30/09/2005

C.Phillips, Nortel Research Contract (QMUL Grant No: ELEL1A5R), “Resilient Optical Networking”, £33000, 01/08/2002 - 31/01/2004

C.Phillips, EPSRC Grant No: GR/R97733/01 (QMUL Grant No: ELEA1A8R), “Certificate-Based Distributed Firewalls”, £67161, 01/10/2002 - 30/09/2005. C.Phillips, Nokia Research Contract (QMUL Grant No: ELEPTF1), “Novel Applications of Intelligent Agent Architecture”, £66531, 01/10/2000 - 31/03/2004


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