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Admin Activities

Current Responsibilities:
  • Director of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Recruitment and Admissions
  • Programme Coordinator (BEng/MEng Computer Systems Engineering)
  • Member of Networks Research Group
  • Member of Electronics Teaching Group
  • Member of Networks and Systems Teaching Group
  • Member of Communications, Outreach and Admissions Committee
  • Member of Senior Management Team
  • Member of Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)
  • Member of TLC Sub-Committee 3: Employability and Placement
  • Member of TLC Sub-Committee 1: Curriculum and Delivery
  • Member of the Graduate Opportunities Operations Group
Previous Responsibilities:
  • SEB Chair for the EECS/BUPT Joint Programme
  • Senior Undergraduate Tutor
  • Member of the Senate
  • JP Programme Chair (e-commerce)

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