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Teaching Activities

Current Modules:
  • 2019/-     ECS7010P   Computer Architecture and Networks
  • 2020/-     ECS502U     Microprocessor Systems Design (8051)
Previous Modules:
  • Integrated Circuit Design (CMOS, VHDL)
  • Internet Protocols (TCP/IP Suite, MPLS and Routing)
  • Internet Applications (including socket programming)
  • Information Systems

Guest Lectures

  • Invited talk on "Dynamic Energy Management for Wired Communication Networks", Vingt-quatrièmes Entretiens du Centre Jacques Cartier: Theme 3: Smart Grids and Green Networks, Montreal, 2011
  • Module Organiser and Lecturer on the UCL administered BT MSc Programme (2001-6), the topic was IP Networking.
  • November 2003, guest lecture at Dept of Computer Science, Royal Holloway, University of London. The topic was MPLS Networks.
  • September 2005, several guest lectures at Dep. Electronica, Automatica, Informatica, EPS Universitat de Girona (funded by Spanish Ministry of Education). Topics included “G-MPLS”, “Making the most of your Data” and “Real-Time Transport over the Internet”. A similar Spanish government funded series of lectures took place in January 2007.
  • COST 285 Symposium invited keynote speech, entitled “The Evolution of Modelling and Simulation Tools to Meet the Demands of Next Generation Networks”, March 2007.

Some MCS-51 Assembly Code (for fun)


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