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Research Interests

  • Ubiquitous Computing or Pervasive Computing including smart-devices, smart-environments, personalisation, spatial-awareness, pervasive games etc
  • Smarter and richer interaction between services,m devices and people including Web services, Semantic Web and MultiAgent Systems.
  • Management of distributed systems including Internet of Things, Security, safety, trust and privacy for open distributed services



  • N/A.

Current Research Activities and Projects

  • IEEE FIPA Multi-agent or distributed AI Standards Activity: European Regional-chair.
  • Editorial Advisory Board for International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications
  • Pervasive Application Lab (in collaboration with BT)
  • TRIDEC Intelligent Information Management during Large Scale Physical Environment Crises: EU FP7 Project, 01-09-2010 for 36 months
  • SUNSET Smart Mobility and Social Modeling EU FP7 Project, 01-02-2011 for 36 months, Under negotiation.
  • EU FP6 and FP7, IP, STREP, CS, Project Reviewer for EC Information and Media DG, ICT for Sustainable Growth (8 projects).

Previous Research Activities and Projects

Projects where I was Coordinator

  • CRUMPET (location-aware, personalised, map and information services for mobile tourism), EU FP5: project coordinator, 2000-10 for 24 months

Projects where I was the Principal Investigator

  • My eDirector 2012 Personalised, more interactive. live video content viewing, (context-driven and personalised video streaming over fixed and mobile wireless infrastructures) EU FP7 Project, 01-02-2008 for 37 months
  • EDEN-IW (Semantic Web and Multi-agent system to exchange water data), EU FP5: project, Architecture WP leader, 2001-07- for 36 months
  • AgentCities (global agent testbed) FP5 EU, 2001-06 for 24 months
  • iTrust, AgentLink2, Agentlink3 FP5 EU Thematic networks, 2002-08 for 36 month
  • EPSRC Industrial Case Studentship with BT, EPC137831, Context-based Information Management for Mobile Workers, 2006-06 for 42 months.

Project where I was a Co-Investigator

  • GEMOM (Generic Message Oriented secure Middleware), FP7 EU Project, 2008-01 for 30 months.

Conference Organisation, Program Committees and being a Reviewer

  • Workshops organised: 8th IEEE Int. Conf. on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom-09); CASA - Coordinating Agent Standardisation Activity TFG at EUMAS 2006. Ubiquitous Computing / Ambient intelligence workshop at AAMAS-2002, 2004, 2005; Mobile Tourism workshop, in adjunction with MobileHCI (2002-4); Workshops organised: Multi-Agent Interoperability Workshop, MAI-2002 (Aachen September, 2002); 1st European Workshop on Location Aware Services (Via the IEE Professional Network, London, September 2002);
  • Conference and Workshop Program Committees (recent):  
  • Publication reviewer: Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (EAAI 2010) Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC 09-10), Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CHI 10), Journal of Web Semantics (JWS 09), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI 07), Web Intelligence and Agent Systems (WIAS 05), Knowledge Engineering Review (KER 05)..

Research Income

Funded Proposals (Total research funding, 2001 to 2013, is about £1.5 million)

  1. SUNSET EU FP7 Project, 01-02-2011 to 31-04-2014
  2. TRIDEC, EU FP7 Project, 01-09-2010 to 28-08-2013
  3. My-E-Director 2012, EU FP7 Project, 01-03-2008 to 28-02-2011.
  4. Context-based Information Management for Mobile Workers, EPSRC Industrial Case Studentship with BT, EPC137831, 01-06-2006 to 31-11-2009.
  5. BT Short-term-fellowship. Multi-lateral Knowledge-based Models to Support Converged Local-loop Services and Engineers, 01-09-2006 to 15-01-2007.
  6. EDEN-IW: Environmental Data Network for Inland Water, EU FP5 Project, IST-1999-11014, 01/07/2001- 30/06/2004.
  7. AgentCities. RTD, Global agent test-bed, EU FP5 Project, IST-2000-28385, 01-07-2002-3-/06-2003. This project was short-listed for the prestigious EU Descartes prize in 2004.
  8. U.S. Office of Naval Research, subcontracted via Compendium Technologies, Inc., Analysis and review of multi-agent security, 11/2001-03/2002.
  9. Motorola: multi-agent security, completed November 2001
  10. EU IST-2001-34910, ITrust): thematic network on Trust Management in Dynamic Open Systems, thematic network project, 01/09/2002-30/08/2004.

Research Students & Examination

Current (PhD) Students and Research Assistants

  1. Dejian Meng(2011) Dynamic Context-aware Adaptation and its Application to Spatial Routing for Mobile Users: thesis corrections.
  2. Zekeng Liang (2011) Spatial-aware Personalised Maps for Mobile Users: : thesis corrections.
  3. Zhenchen Wang (2011) Interactive Personalisation for Multiple Video Content and Metadata Streams: writing up
  4. Ran Tao (2013) Middleware for handling large-scale data exchange during physical enviornment crises
  5. Zelun Zhang(2013) Management of MOM for the Internet of Things

Current (MPhil) Students

  • Ioannis Barakos (2011) Ubiquitous Knowledge-based Management of ICT Services in the Home: thesis corrections

Past PhD Students and Research Assistants

  1. Javesh Boodnah (2010) A Trust Framework for Peer-to-Peer Interaction in Ad Hoc Networks. Examined.
  2. Kraisak Kesorn (2010) Cross-Linked Multi-Semantic Multi-Mode Annotations for Image Retrieval
  3. Xuan Huang (2007) Semantic Agent Support for Managed Open Information Retrieval Services
  4. Landong Zuo (2006) A Semantic and Agent-based Approach to Support Information Retrieval, Interoperability and Multi-lateral Viewpoints for Heterogeneous Environmental Databases.
  5. Leonid Titkov (2006) Agent-Based Framework to Support Location-Aware Services and Manage Privacy for Nomadic Users.
  6. Jim Juan Tan (2005) Adaptive Management and Interoperability for Secure Semantic Open Services.
  7. Theirry Delaitre (2001 at the University of Wesminster)

Experience as PhD Examiner

  • Imperial College (2002), University Automata Barcelona (2002), University of Helsinki (2002), University College Dublin (2003), Royal Holloway (2003), Oxford Brookes (2004), University of Westminster (2004), University College London (2006), University College Dublin (2010), Queen Mary University of London (2010),
  • Pending: Royal Holloway (2011)

Research Resources

Much of this research has heavily relied on the following high-quality open-source resources

  • Standford's Protégé Ontology Deveopment Environment
  • TILab's JADE FIPA Agent Development Toolkit
  • Sun's Java programming language
  • Others to be added

I am indebted to their developers, support staff and the organisations that provide the resources to make these freely available.


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