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Sustainable Social Network Services for Transport (SUNSET)


Overall Project Aims

The main objective of SUNSET is to facilitate sustainable urban mobility in the EU through services that build on the latest ICT and Web 2.0 technologies. SUNSET focuses on services that:

Project Innovation

The SUNSET innovation project uses four mechanisms to create new sustainable mobility solutions:

QMUL Contributions

Work Package Leader for Scenarios and Requirements (WP1)

Task leader for:


7th EU Framework Programme Project Type: Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP)
Start date: Feb 1, 2011; End date: Feb 1, 2014; Total cost: 4.102.622 Euros

QMUL Participants


Research Assistants

For participants in other organisations see Main Web-site.

More Information about the SUNSET Project

SUNSET, short for Sustainable Social Network Services for Transport, is a new concept for urban mobility management. Its goal is to reduce the rapidly increasing safety, congestion and environmental problems in modern cities by encouraging individuals and groups of people to change their travel behaviour. The SUNSET concept has been proposed in the previous FP7-ICT call, and is currently being negotiated with the European Commission. SUNSET accomplishes this by rewarding such changes rather than by imposing restrictions or penalties. These positive incentives are facilitated by the SUNSET system, which interconnects the stakeholders in urban mobility management (road authorities, travellers and service providers) and makes use of the latest ICT facilities, such as social networks, sensors on mobile phones and in the infrastructure, and intelligent recognition of mobility patterns.  See also Main Web-site.


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