Pengwei Hao, Ph.D.


Department of Computer Science

School of EECS

Queen Mary, University of London

Mile End Road

London, E1 4NS

United Kingdom


Office: Eng E104

Tel.: 0044-20-7882-5207

Fax: 0044-20-7882-7997






















My research interests are in image processing and computer graphics, especially focus on image coding and colour imaging.


I am the author of PLUS factorisation of matrices. As an expert in image coding, one of my techniques has been included in JPEG 2000, the new international standard for image coding.


We have found a novel mathematical representation of Colour Filter Arrays, which makes analysis of all the CFAs easy, simple and visual, and based on that, a design methodology is developed for new CFAs. More information can be found here.


Recently, we developed a universal demosaicking method, which can be used for all Colour Filter Arrays, periodic or aperiodic, regular or irregular, uniform or nonuniform. It is non-iterative, and can be linear (image-independent) or nonlinear (image-dependent), and it can be implemented very fast, so it is good for CFA demosaicking, design and comparison. The code and the full experimental results and further information can be found here.





20018- Image Processing (EECS, info page )

2002- Computer Graphics (EECS, info page )

2004-2017 C++ for Image Processing (EECS, info page )

2003-2006 Computer Graphics (ODL TopClass)




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