ECS610U/ECS762P Computer Graphics


This course aims to cover the fundamental concepts of mainly 3D computer graphics. By the end of this course students will have constructed from scratch a program that encapsulates many of the major ideas of computer graphics: describing a scene, specifying views of the scene, rendering, and modelling.

The coursework will involve using Java.

This website contains latest course information. You can reach this from home using, although this URL might change to the intranet in the future.

·         Lectures (by Pengwei Hao,, Mondays, 2-4pm, Bancroft Building 1.15, Weekly schedule, Lecture notes on EECS, QM+ ).

·         Lab exercises (Mondays, 4-6pm, ITL Middle Floor). No lab sessions in the First week.

·         Coursework (with live demo). The deadline for coursework submission is the end of Week 10, 11:59pm, Friday 2 December 2016. Please see here for how to submit your coursework. As default submissions are open for one week after the deadline for late submissions, but penalty of 5% per day is applied in the school cw system after the deadline time above and the Max penalty is 25%. All DL deadlines will be set one week after campus deadlines. The courseworks will be assessed during the last 2 lab sessions. The timeslots are available here. (MARKS will be found on your landing page).

·         Revision Topics and some Revision Exercises. Past exam papers are available on the QM+ EECS Archived or the QMUL library.