Computing at Schools

UK schools are reintroducing programming, with new curricula in Computing (c.f. ICT). This change, which should help school leaver make more informed choices at University, has led to lots of activity to help teachers learn more about programming.

CAS London CPD Days 

Materials are available here for 2020 and previous years: 2018, 2017 and 2016

CPD Courses

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Schools Talks

Some recent schools talks are outlined below. All include a brief overview of University Computer Science and careers in IT.

  • Computing and Careers. A general introduction to computing at University and as a career.
  • Should we Trust Computers? Our lives depend on computers and software in train, planes and medical devices. Should we trust them? Suitable for all, in or approaching 6th form.
  • Games with Trees. An overview of game playing algorithms, comparing the use of logic-based and learning approaches. Most suitable for those with an interest in programming or algorithms (however basic); in or approaching 6th form.
  • How Computers Learn An introduction to how computers learn and whether they are really intelligent. Most suitable for those with some confidence in mathematics.