Dr William Marsh

I am a member of the Risk and Information Research Group and work on decision support problems using Bayesian networks, with applications in medicines and safety.

I am a senior lecturer in Computer Science.

I support Computing at School and run Continual Professional Development sessions for ICT teachers wishes to learn programming for GCSE and GCE A level Computing.


My research aims are to develop better ways to build useful risk and decision making techniques, using a combination of data and knowledge (or expertise). I mainly work with Bayesian networks and I prefer to work with 'end users' who are making decisions.
  • I am currently collaborating with several groups of clinicians to build decision support systems for medical decision problems.
  • I also collaborate with several industry groups on techniques for risk models and other aspects of Safety Engineering, primarily in the railway industry.
  • Earlier work on decision making in Software Engineering also used Bayesian networks, but with less data.

Current Research Projects

PhD Students

Current and past PhD students:

        Mariana Raniere: PhD student on the PamBayesian Project
        Ali Fahmi: PhD student on the PamBayesian Project
        Dr Haoyuan Zhang: graduated, now a researcher at UCL
        Dr Lina (Evangelia) Kyrimi: graduated, now a researcher on the PamBayesian Project
        Dr Barbaros Yet: now Faculty at Hacettepe University
        Dr Nargis Pauran: now a Data Scientist
        Professor George Bearfield: now a Health and Safety Director and visiting Professor

Computing at School 

UK schools are reintroducing programming, with new curricula in Computing (c.f. ICT). This change, which should help school leaver make more informed choices at University, has led to lots of activity to help teachers learn more about programming. We are supporting these changes.


  • In 2019/20, I am teaching Embedded Systems (QMUL link) and Real-time and Critical Systems (QMUL  link). I have previously taught Computer Architecture, Systems Analysis, Operating Systems and aspects of Computer Networks.
  • Some years, I supervise projects for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Students looking for a supervisor should look at my Project Ideas page.