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Interdisciplinary Research on Nano-Engineering and Electromagnetics Driven by Curiosity and Applicability

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5341
Room Number: Engineering, Eng 359
Office Hours: Wednesday 13:30-17:00


We cover several research themes related to modern electromagnetics. We are keen to understand and discover fundamental limits of electromagnetic structures such as electrically small radiators, ultra thin absorbers, dynamic control of antenna beams and tunable/smart materials. New physical concepts such as transformation optics and metamaterials are playing an ever-growing part in future electrical and electronic engineering, they are enhanced by effective modelling tools, fast computer programs and optimisation techniques sprung from artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are also key enablers for future technological development, where novel mechanisms of wave radiation, absorption and propagation will be developed. We are very excited to be a part of interdisciplinary research and development driven by curiosity and applicability. We foresee that our research will generate long-lasting impacts in the academia, industry and society, just like what we have done in "body-centric wireless communications", "transformation optics and metamaterials" and "graphene and 2D materials".

Research Themes:

Yang Hao’s List of Recent Journal Publications/Books

Publication Online Information

  • Yang Hao’s papers have been published in Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Nature Scientific Reports, IEEE Transactions.
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  • Authored Books

    1. P. S. Hall, Y. Hao (editor) “Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications (Second Edition)”, ISBN: 978-1-60807-376-4, 340 pages. Copyright 2012, Artech House Publisher.
    2. Yang Hao, Raj Mittra, “FDTD Modeling of Metamaterials: Theory and Applications”. ISBN-13: 9781596931602. Copyright 2008. Artech House, Incorporated Pub.

    Recent Peer-Reviewed JOURNAL Publications

    1. SA Alavi, K Mehran, Y Hao, A Rahimian, H Mirsaeedi, V Vahidinasab, A Distributed Event-Triggered Control Strategy for DC Microgrids Based on Publish-Subscribe Model Over Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2018.
    2. J Li, T Igbe, Y Liu, Z Nie, W Qin, L Wang, Y Hao, An Approach for Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Based on Bioimpedance Difference Considering Blood Volume Pulsation, IEEE Access, 2018.
    3. H Shi, Y Hao, Wide-angle optical half-wave plate from the field transformation approach and form-birefringence theory, Optics express 26 (16), 20132-20144, 2018.
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    5. G Li, B Ai, K Guan, D He, Z Zhong, Y Hao, Connected Vehicle Channels: On the Consideration of Electromagnetic Scattering from Local Scatterers, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2018.
    6. D He, B Ai, M Schmieder, Z Zhong, J Kim, B Hui, H Chung, I Kim, Y Hao, Influence Analysis of Typical Objects in Rural Railway Environments at 28 GHz, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2018.
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    CONFERENCE Publications

    Yang Hao has published over 400 conference papers which most of are invited.

    Research Team

    We always have a strong research team consisting of talent researchers worldwide and they are the main driving force of creation and innovation. We also had a great team including all advisers for the QUEST research.

    Current PostDoc, Research Assistant and Visiting Professors

    1. Dr Henry Giddens, “Frequency Agile Communications”, Dstl, 2016-date.
    2. Dr Benjamin Vial, “The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations”, EPSRC, UK, 2014-date.
    3. Dr Andre Sarker Andy, ‘TeraLINKs’, 2018-date.
    4. Mr Darryl Smith, ‘Graphene Flagship’, 2017-date.
    5. Dr Cheng Qiao, ‘EPSRC Engineering Challenge SYMETA Project’, 2018-date.
    6. Dr Ning Liu, “EPSRC AOTOMAT Project”, 2017-date.

    Current PhD Research Students

    1. Philip Beal, ‘EM Modelling of Nanomicrowave Devices’, 2014-date.
    2. Alex Ageyskiy, ‘Nanomicrowaves for Quantum Electronics’, 2014-date.
    3. Liang Yang, ‘Graphene THz Communications’, 2015-date.
    4. Jiamin Liu, ‘Graphene THz modulator’, 2016-date.
    5. Dingliang Wen, ‘Wearable communications’, 2016-date.
    6. Benjamin Jones, ‘Quantum Antennas’, 2017-date.
    7. Ahsan Noor Khan, ‘Nanomaterials for Wearable Technologies’, 2017-date.
    8. Haoyang Zhang (visiting PhD student), ‘Hyperuniform Disordered Materials’, 2017-date.
    9. Hongchen Chu (visiting PhD student), ‘Metasurface Antennas’, 2017-date.
    10. Yujie Liu, ‘Tunable and Beam-steering Antennas from Smart Materials’, 2017-date.
    11. Baiyang Liu, ‘Orbit Angular Moment Antennas for Communications in Extreme Environment’, 2017-date.
    12. Yibing Guo, 'Machine-learning and AI for Antennas and Wireless Communications', 2018-date.

    Research Income Secured

    Over £10M Recent Research Funding from UK Research Councils, Charity, EU, USA and Industry.



    1. EPSRC Strategic Equipment Grant on THz Antenna Fabrication and Measurement Facilities (TERRA), £1.3M. 09. 2018- 08. 2021.
    2. Industrial PhD Studentship on 5G Antennas for Mobile Handset, £120K. 09. 2018- 08. 2021.
    3. Dstl PhD Studentship on Software Defined Materials for Antenna Applications, £120K. 09. 2018- 08. 2021.
    4. Industrial funding on compact basestation antennas for 5G, £100K. 10. 2018- 03. 2019.
    5. EPSRC Industrial Case Studentship with Thales UK. 01. 2018- 07. 2021.
    6. EPSRC ANIMATE: Software Defined Materials for Dynamic Control of Electromagnetic Waves, September 2018 – August 2022, £1.5M plus £600K from Qinetiq.
    7. EPSRC research grant: TERAhertz high power LINKS using photonic devices, tube amplifiers and Smart antennas (TERALINKS), £190K, 03.2017-02.2019.
    8. EPSRC Design by Science Grant: Adaptive Tools for Electromagnetics and Materials Modelling to Bridge the Gap between Design and Manufacturing (AOTOMAT), £1M, 12.2016-11.2019.
    9. Dstl research project on Adaptive Communications Transmission Interface (ACTI), £300K, 2017-2020.
    10. IET AF Harvey Research Prize, £300k, 01. 2016 to 12. 2020.
    11. EPSRC Engineering Challenges, £500k (Loughborough Led £3.9M), 01. 2016 to 12. 2020.
    12. Frequency Agile Antennas, Dstl, £300K, 2015.06 – 2018.5.
    13. Wearable Antennas, Huawei Technology, £100k, 2015. 01 – 2018.12.
    14. European Union Graphene Flagship, 250K euros, 2014. 10 – 2018. 9.
    15. Cambridge Graphene Centre (Co-I) £12M from EPSRC and £13M from UK industry, PI: University of Cambridge, 2013.01-2018.12.


    1. Innovation Fund: Glucose Monitoring, £3800, 01. 2015 to 06. 2015.
    2. Multi-bean wide angle repointable antenna, Isotropic Systems, £90K, 07.2015 to 01.2016
    3. HARNet (Harmonise the Antenna, Radio and Network), £6.6M from UK TSB and led by Thales and Cobham. 2014. 5 – 2015. 12.
    4. NANOMICROWAVES in total 4M Euros from European Union FP7 under Marie Curie Action Coordinated by the UK’s Bio Nano Centre Ltd and involves nine other partners from UK, Austria, France and Italy, 2013. 1 – 2016. 12.
    5. Industrial CASE award on graphene and magnetic metamaterials, £130K from BAE Systems, 2013.10 – 2016. 9.
    6. “EP/I034548/1, The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations (QUEST)”, EPSRC, £5M, 2011.7 – 2017. 3.
    7. “Metamaterial Inspired Microwave Conformal Radar Antenna (MIMiCRA)”, European Defence Agency, in partner with 8 UK and French Partners including BAE Systems and Oxford. In total 1.4M Euros, 2011.5 – 2014. 4.
    8. “EP/I00923X/1, PATRICIAN: New Paradigms for Body Centric Wireless Communications at MM Wavelengths”, EPSRC, £400K, in total, £1.2M jointly with Birmngham and Durham, 2011.1 – 2014. 12.
    9. Industrial Contract from BAE Systems on “Transformation Design of Microwave Antennas”, £25K, 2012.3 – 2012. 9.
    10. “EP/I000259/1: Reduction of Energy Demand in Buildings through Optimal Use of Wireless Behaviour Information (Wi-be) Systems”, EPSRC, £600K with QMUL £200K, 2010.8 – 2012.7 .
    11. Industrial CASE award on “Transformation Electromagnetics”, DSTL, £65K, 2010.8 – 2014.1.
    12. “High Power Directive Metamaterial Antennas”, Office of Naval Research, USA, $450K, in total $1M with Penn State University, USA, 2009.11 – 2012.10.
    13. “Propagation Modelling for Unmanned Ground Sensor Systems”, Industrial Funding, £60K, 2010. 4 – 2011.3.
    14. “Transformation Electromagnetics Design of Small Antennas”, DSTL, Consultancy Research, £20K, 2009. 11– 2010.4.
    15. “Electrically Small Antennas loaded with Metamaterials for Body-centric Wireless Communications” Royal Society International Newton Fellowship support for Dr Rui Yang, £66K, 2009. 10 – 2011.9.
    16. “AMULET (Advanced Materials for Ubiquitous Leading-edge Electromagnetic Technologies)”, £1.9m from the Technology Strategy Board’s Collaborative Research and Development programme; 2008. 3 – 2011.8.
    17. Co-Investigator for “Antennas for Healthcare and Imaging Applications”, EPSRC, £1.2M, 2008. 6 – 2011.5.
    18. “Characterisation of On-body Antennas”, £47K, DSTL, UK, 2008. 8 – 2009.3.
    19. “Prototyping Wearable Antennas”, £35K, DSTL, UK, 2008. 10 – 2009.3.
    20. “Sensium Digital Plaster Antennas”, Toumaz Technology, Oxford, £110K, 2008. 10 – 2009.9.
    21. “Carbon-Nanotube and Liquid Crystal Antennas”, CAPE, University of Cambridge, £45K, 2008. 6 – 2009.5.
    22. “iRFSim for BSNs: Imaging based subject-specific RF simulation environment for wearable and implantable wireless Body Sensor Networks (BSNs), a joint grant from EPSRC with Imperial College. Total Value: £700K with QMUL £350K, 2007. 11 – 2011.10.
    23. “Wireless Implantable Biosensors with Advanced On-Body Data processing”, joint grant with QMUL Department of Materials, NEAT, Department of Health. Total value £70K, 2007. 11- 2009.3.
    24. “Sensium Digital Plaster Antennas”, Toumaz Technology, Oxford, £50K, 2007. 10 – 2008. 3.
    25. “Wearable Antennas for Body-Centric Wireless Network”, EPSRC/MoD JGS, £350K, 2007.4 – 2010. 10.
    26. European Union, COST Action IC 0603, “Antenna Systems & Sensors for Information Society Technologies (ASSIST)”. Total Value: Unknown, 2007- 2012.
    27. “Follow on Fund: Electromagnetic BandGap Enhanced Active Conical Horn Antennas”, EPSRC, £46K. 2006. 10 – 2007. 9.
    28. “Solid Freeforming of New Microwave Metamaterials”, joint application with QMUL, Department of Materials, Leverhulme Trust. (PI: C. G. Parini), Total value £234K. 2006.2 – 2009.1.
    29. “Characterisation and Implementation of Left-handed Metamaterials in Electromagnetic Crystal Structures”, GR/T28881/01. Value: £300K plus support from ERA Technology. 2005.4 – 2008.3.
    30. “Investigation of Metematerials and Their Applications”, Roke Manor Research, UK. £10K. 2006. 8 – 2006. 12.
    31. Queen Mary ICT interdisciplinary PhD studentship, Total value is worth £60K. 2006. 3 – 2008.2.
    32. Dielectric/Dielectric Loaded Antennas, DSTL, Total value: £45K. 2006. 3 – 2007. 2.
    33. Wearable Antenna Modelling, DSTL, Total value: £58K. 2006. 4 – 2007. 3.
    34. On-Body Radio Propagation Modelling, GE Global Research, $20K. 2006. 5 – 2006. 12.
    35. Incoming visit for Prof. Wenxun Zhang, Royal Society, £1500. 2006. 6 – 2006. 7.
    36. In-Body Radio Channel Modelling, Philips Research, East Asia, Shanghai, £4000. 2005. 9 – 2005. 11.
    37. Radio Propagation for Wireless Sensors, Philips Plc. Netherlands, 10K Euros. 2006. 4 – 2006. 12.
    38. Subcontract from Prof. P. A. Barnes, Centre for Applied Catalysis, University of Huddersfield on an EPSRC funded project ‘An instrument for the quasi-simultaneous measurement of the temperature dependance of dielectric parameters’ GR/R38460/01. Value: £2K. 2003.5 – 2003.10.
    39. Market developing with Xybernaut, Germany on ‘Novel RF and antenna technologies on wireless wearable computers’, 2004-2007. Equipment donation value £2K. 2004 – 2007.
    40. The Royal Society: Wave Propagation in NRI-PBGs, Value: £10K. 2003.5 – 2004.4.
    41. EPSRC/MOD JGS: Characterisation of On-Body Communication Channels, GR/S03812/01, Value: £150K. Total value: 350K (shared with University of Birmingham). 2003.7 – 2006.6.
    42. The Nuffield Foundation: Undergraduate Research Bursaries on ‘Advanced Lens Antennas for MM-wave Broadband Wireless Communications’, 2002. Value: £1,359. 2002. 6 – 2002.9.
    43. EPSRC Research Grant: Monolithic Millimeter-Submillimeter Wave Conical Horn Antenna Arrays GR/R16945/01, Value: £66,950. 2001.5 – 2004.5.


    • 2018 - Chair of Publication Committee, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society.
    • 2015 - International advisory committee (IAC) of the Comin Labs project in France. As part of the former, the program "Laboratoires d'Excellence" is assigned 1 billion Euros in capital, for a 10 years period.
    • 2008 - Overseas Member of the academic committee for the National Key Lab, at Southeast University, China.
    • 2013 - Fellow of IEEE for contribution to Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications.
    • 2010 - Fellow of IET.
    • 2008 - Fellow of ERA Foundation.
    • 2014 - 17 Member of IET Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC).
    • 2013 - 17 Member of EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) for ICT Theme.
    • 2010 - Member of EPSRC Reviewers College, UK.
    • 2013 - 17 Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, USA.
    • 2013 - Founder and Editor-in-Chief, EPJ Applied Metamaterials (a New Open Access Journal), EDP Sciences, France.
    • 2008 – 13 Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, USA.
    • 2007 – 13 Associate Editor, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, USA.
    • 2007 – 08 Guest Editor for IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, USA.
    • 2014 Co-Chair of Royal Society’s Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting.
    • 2010 – 13 Vice Chair of The Executive Team of Professional Network on Antenna and Propagations, IET, UK.
    • 2008 - Board Member of the Virtual Institute for Artificial Electromagnetic Materials and Metamaterials, “Metamorphose VI AISBL”.
    • 2008 - Member of Director Board, European School of Antennas, European Antenna Centre of Excellence.


    • Referee for research councils: UK EPSRC; Wellcome Trust, Royal Society, British Council, the Academic Assistance Council, European Union, European Research Council, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Singapore National Research Foundation, Finland Academy of Engineering, University of Cyprus, the Greek Ministry of Education, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France.
    • Paper Reviewer for Nature, Science Magazine.

    Reviewer for various journals including:

    • IEE Proceedings. Part A. Science, Measurement and Technology;
    • IEE Proceedings. Part H, Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation; IEE Electronics Letters;
    • Radio Science; International Journal of Electronics;
    • International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEUE: Archiv fuer Elektronik und Uebertragungstechnik)
    • IEEE Transactions on Antenna & Propagations; IEEE Antenna Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques; IEEE Antenna and Wireless Propagation Letters; IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters;
    • Optics Letters; Optic Express; Physics Letters A, Journal of the Optical Society of America B; Applied Physics Letters, New Journal of Physics, Scientific Reports, Physics Review Letters.

    Invited Talk and Conference Presentations

    • Keynote Speaker at he XXII Italian Meeting on Electromagnetics, in Cagliari, from September 3 to September 6, 2018.
    • Keynote Speaker at Sigma Symposium 2018: “LED there be light”, Nijmegen, Netherland, April 17, 2018.
    • Keynote Speaker at ANTEM, Waterloo, Canada, 2018.
    • Keynote Speaker at the International Workshop Metamaterials by Design, Italy, 2016.
    • Keynote Speaker at iWEM 2016, Nanjing, China.
    • Keynote Speaker at LAPC 2016, UK.
    • Invited Speaker at Metamaterials 2016, Crete, Greece.
    • Invited Speaker at Metamaterials Workshop organised by European Defence Agency, 2015.
    • Keynote Speaker at IMWS-AMP 2015, Suzhou.
    • Keynote Speaker at IMWS-Bio 2015,
    • Keynote Speaker at iWAT, Seoul, Korea, March 2015.
    • Keynote Speaker at CEM 2014, London, March 2014.
    • Keynote Speaker at Cambridge Wireless Joint ICT KTN & Radio Technology SIG Event: ‘Millimeter-Wave Radios: Challenges and Opportunities, Jan 2014.
    • Keynote Speaker at ICEcom 2013, Croatia, Nov 2013.
    • Invited Speaker at IMWS 2013 Singapore, Dec 2013.
    • Keynote Speaker, 2nd International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - MobiHealth 2011, Kos Island, Greece, October 2011.
    • Invited speaker at the special session on "Metamaterials: Theory and Simulation" at the 2011 URSI GASS in Istanbul, Turkey, August 2011.
    • Invited speaker at a Special Session on "Non-Foster Circuits for Metamaterials and Antennas" for AP-S, URSI conference to be held in Spokane, Washington, USA, July 2011.
    • Invited speaker, Advanced Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics (AT-CEM'11), Glasgow, June 2011.
    • Keynote speaker at 2011 IEEE International Conference on Microwave Technology & Computational Electromagnetics, Beijing, China, May 2011.
    • Invited speaker at the convened session "CP12 Propagation in Body Area Networks", the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), Rome, Italy, April 2011.
    • Invited speaker at 2011 IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology, Hong Kong, March 2011.
    • Invited speaker at eMobility Technology Platform, a new Expert Advisory Group to help shape the priority areas in future calls of FP7 and FP8 programmes respectively, Alcatel Lucent in Stuttgart, Germany, January 2011.
    • Invited speaker at MobiHealth 2010 Special Session on “Wireless Implants”, October 2010.
    • Invited speaker at MobiMedia 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2010.
    • Invited speaker at IEEE CSNDSP 2010, UK, May 2010.
    • Invited speaker at WSIM2010, Brazil, May 2010.
    • Keynote speaker at IWAT 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2010.
    • Invited speaker at LAPC 2009, Loughborough UK, November 2009.
    • Invited speaker at Metamaterials Congress, London, August 2009.
    • Invited speaker at IWAT 2009, Santa Monica, California, USA, March 2009.
    • Keynote speaker at 2009 International Workshop on Wireless Pervasive Healthcare (WiPH), UK, March 2009.
    • Invited speaker at Metamaterials workshop, Shanghai, China, November 2008.
    • Invited speaker at Metamaterials workshop, Nanjing, China, November 2008.
    • Invited speaker at Metamaterials Congress, 2008, Spain, September 2008.
    • Invited speaker at The Medical Innovation Forum, Olympia conference centre, London, June 2008.
    • Invited speaker at IEEE Nagoya Chapter, Japan, March 2008.
    • Invited speaker at IWAT 2008, Chiba, Japan, March 2008.
    • Invited speaker at LTN event on Technology Developments in eHome and eCare, London, December 2007.
    • Keynote speaker at International Symposium on Antenna and Propagation (ISAP), Japan, August, 2007.
    • Invited speaker at Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference, 2007, April, 2007.
    • Invited talk at the Antenna Working Group (AWG) meeting, DSTL, Sevenoaks, UK, October 2006.
    • Invited talk at Home Office Research Laboratory, London, UK, October 2006.
    • Invited talk at Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, June 2006.
    • Invited talk at Department of Computer Science, Imperial College, London, January 2006.
    • Invited talk at Kodak European Research Centre, Cambridge, January 2006.
    • Invited talk at Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Korea, August 2005.
    • Invited talk at Philips Research East Asia, Shanghai, China, August 2005.
    • Invited talk at Charles Draper’s Lab, MIT, USA, July 2005.
    • Keynote speaker at The 11th Internationnal Symposium on Antenna Technology and Apply Electromagnetics (ANTEM 2005), St Malo, France, June, 2005.
    • ‘Antennas and Propagation for Body Centric Wireless Communications’, invited by Prof. R. Mittra, Life Fellow of IEEE, USA, special session on “Communication Antenna Analysis and Design (ACES/IEEE)” at IEEE and ACES meeting, Hawaii, USA, 2005, Apr., 2005.
    • Invited talk at Philips Research Centre, Redhill, UK, January 2005.
    • ‘Spatial harmonics selection in metamaterials for antenna applications’, Invited by Prof. R. Mittra, Life Fellow of IEEE, Bianisotropics 2004 (BIAN' 04)-10th Conference on Complex Media and Metamaterials, Ghent, Belgium, Sept. 2004.
    • “Innovative Antennas and its Applications”, Invited by Prof. WX Zhang, Fellow of IEEE, Southeast University, IEEE Nanjing Chapter, China, Aug. 25, 2004.
    • “Innovative Antennas”, Invited by Prof. JA Kong, Fellow of IEEE, MIT USA, ZheJiang University, Hangzhou, China. Aug. 13, 2004.
    • ‘From Electromagnetic BandGap Structure to Left-handed Metamaterials: Modeling and Applications’, IEE seminar on metamaterials for microwave and (sub) millimeter wave applications: photonic bandgap and double negative designs, components and experiments, Nov 24, 2003.
    • Invited talk on ‘Small Antennas on EBG Structures’, at WIRELESS BROADBAND FORUM, Cambridge, UK. Nov. 2003.
    • Invited talk on ‘Novel Antenna Technologies for WLANs and its Potential On-board Spacecraft Applications’, at WIRELESS DATA COMMUNICATIONS FOR ONBOARD SPACECRAFT, ESTEC. Apr., 2003.
    • Invited talk on ‘Emerging Technologies in antenna design for Wireless Networks’ at WIRELESS BROADBAND FORUM, Cambridge, UK. Nov. 2002.
    • Invited talk at BAe System, Advanced Technology Centre, Essex, UK. Oct. 2002.
    • Invited talk at Nortel, Harlow, UK. Oct. 2002.
    • Invitation to visit and give a talk at Communication Research Lab, Tokyo, Japan. Nov. 2002.

    Lab News:

    Media Report:

    Over the years, we have had many collaborators and funding organisations working with us to share our value and vision for future research.
    EPSRC QUEST Team Members:
    EPSRC SYMETA Team Members:
    EPSRC Cambridge Graphene Centre:

    Industrial Collaborators: Philips Netherlands, Philips Shanghai, Huawei, GE Global Research, USA, Qinetiq, BAE, Selex, Dstl, ONRG, AFRL, Rutherford Appleton, Zimiti Limited, Plextek, Thales UK.



  • 2016 Best Paper Award at ISAP 2016, Japan.
  • 2015 IET AF Harvey Research Prize.
  • 2014 BAE System Chairman’s Silver Award.
  • 2014 BAE System Chairman’s Bronze Award.
  • 2013 Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (2013-2017).
  • 2012 Queen Mary Science and Engineering Faculty Distinguish Achievement Award for Research.
  • 2012 Best Paper Award at IET Workshop on ‘Microwave Metamaterials and their Applications’.
  • 2011 Best Paper Award at Loughborough Conference for Antennas and Propagation.
  • 2007 Winner of the Grand Prize at the 14th International Seminar ‘Microwave and Optical Applications of Novel Physical Phenomena’, UK.
  • 2005 CRUCIBLE award, NESTA, UK.
  • We consistently have fully funded PhD studentships available. We currently have opennings for up to 8 PhD studentships and 4 postdoc researchers. We also welcome visiting prfessors and researchers to join our group. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Prof Yang Hao by email at .

    Past PhD Students and Postdoc Researchers

  • Dr Abdus S. Owadally, (Finance Advisor, Shell)
  • Dr Vassileios Douvalis, (Operational Risk Manager at Barclays Bank)
  • Dr Rostyslav Dubrovka (CAD/CAM Antenna Engineering Manager, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Dr Akram Alomainy (Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Dr Pavel Belov (Chief research fellow, Head of laboratory, University ITMO, Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Dr Wei Song (Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • Dr George Palikaras (Founder of SMEs)
  • Dr Yan Zhao (International School of Engineering (ISE), Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • Dr Yoonjae Lee (Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics)
  • Dr Khalid Z. Rajab (Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Dr Themos Kallos, (Founder of SMEs)
  • Dr Marie Yvanoff, (‎Patent Scientist at Origin Ltd)
  • Dr Sunil Sudhakaran (Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd.)
  • Dr Xiaojing Wang (Associate at BlackRock, London, United Kingdom)
  • Dr Atiqur Rahman (Assistant Professor, North South University, Bangladesh)
  • Dr Anestis Katsounaros (Agilent Technology, Cambridge Graphene Center)
  • Dr Andrea Sani (Regional Sales Manager, AWR Corporation)
  • Dr Christos Argyropoulos (Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
  • Dr Qammer ABBASI (Postdoc, Texas A & M University, Qatar)
  • Dr Wenxuan Tang (Assistant Professor, Southeast University)
  • Dr Di Bao (Assistant Professor, Southeast University)
  • Dr Rui Yang (Associate Professor, Xidian University)
  • Dr Oscar Quevedo-Teruel (Assistant Professor, KTH, Sweden)
  • Dr Carolina Mateo-Segura (Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University, UK)
  • Dr Alice Pellegrini (Cobham Antennas, Surrey, UK)
  • Dr Angela Demetriadou (Postdoc, Imperial College)
  • Dr Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas (Postdoc Exeter)
  • Prof Bian Wu, (Associate Professor, Xidian University, China)
  • Dr Yifeng Fan (Lecturer, Southeast University, China)
  • Dr Lukui Jin, “HARNet (Harmonise the Antenna, Radio and Network)”.
  • Dr Lianghong Zhang, “Reduction of Energy Demand in Buildings through Optimal Use of Wireless Behaviour Information (Wi-be) Systems”.
  • Dr Yuezhou Li, “Graphene Flexible Electronics”.
  • Dr Hai Lin, “Nanomicrowave”, EU/FP7, Marie Curie ITN.
  • Prof Lili Fang, Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • Prof Juan Lei, Xidian University.
  • Prof Junming Zhao, Nanjing University.
  • Dr Max Munoz, “PATRICIAN: New Paradigms for Body Centric Wireless Communications at MM Wavelengths”, now Antenna Lab Manager, QMUL.
  • Dr Jiefu Zhang, ‘Characterisation and Modelling of Carbon Nanotubes for Microwave Applications.’, Shanghai, China.
  • Saul Wiggins, ‘Transformation Electromagnetics in Antenna Applications’, Founder of UK SME.
  • Dr Alessio Brizzi, ‘MMwave On-body Communications’, London Patent Office.
  • Dr Khaleda Ali, ‘FDTD Modelling of MMwave On-body Communications’ University Lecturer.
  • Dr Ke Yang, ‘Radio Propagation for Nanocommunication’, QMUL Postdoc Researcher.
  • Dr Timothy MacMannus, ‘Transformation Optics and Antenna Engineering’, Imperial College and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, USA.
  • Dr Luigi La Spada, “The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations”, Lecturer at Coventry University.
  • Dr Yangjie Liu, “The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations”, Assistant Professor, Wuhan, China.
  • Dr Robert Foster, “The Quest for Ultimate Electromagnetics using Spatial Transformations”, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham.
  • Dr Patrick Bradley, EU Marie-Curie Fellow, Dublin University of Technology.
  • Dr Majid Naeem, ‘EM Modelling of Nanocomposite Materials’, National Instrument, UK.
  • Dr Jing Tian, ‘Graphene Electronics’, Assistant Professor, Chengdu, China.
  • Dr Marco Simone, ‘TeraLinks’, Italy.
  • Dr Deepak Singh Nagarkoti, 'Isotropic Systems', pSemi, A Murata Company, UK.
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