Dr William Marsh

I am a member of the Machine Intelligence and Decision Systems (MInDS) Research Group and work on decision support problems using Bayesian networks, with applications in medicines and safety.

I enjoy collaborative research and am always interested in new collaborations.

I am a senior lecturer in Computer Science.


My research aims are to develop better ways to build useful risk and decision making techniques, using a combination of data and knowledge (or expertise). I mainly work with Bayesian networks and I prefer to work with 'end users' who are making decisions.
  • I am currently collaborating with several groups of clinicians to build decision support systems for medical decision problems.
  • I have also collaborate with several industry groups on techniques for risk models and other aspects of Safety Engineering, primarily in the railway industry.
  • Earlier work on decision making in Software Engineering also used Bayesian networks, but with less data.

Current and Recent Research Projects

PhD Students

Current and past PhD students:

        Mariana Raniere: PhD student on the PamBayesian Project
        Ali Fahmi: PhD student on the PamBayesian Project
        Dr Haoyuan Zhang: graduated, now a researcher at UCL
        Dr Lina (Evangelia) Kyrimi: graduated, now a researcher on the PamBayesian Project
        Dr Barbaros Yet: now Faculty at Hacettepe University
        Dr Nargis Pauran: now a Data Scientist
        Professor George Bearfield: now a Health and Safety Director and visiting Professor


  • In 2023/24, I am teaching Embedded Systems (QMUL link) and Statistics for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (QMUL link). I have previously taught Computer Architecture, Systems Analysis, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Specification and Verification and Real-time and Critical System
  • I supervise projects for postgraduates. Students looking for a supervisor should look at my Project Ideas page.