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Stefan Poslad

Ubiquitous Computing: Smart

Devices, Environments and Interactions

Wiley, ISBN: 978-0-470-03560-3, 2009

UbiCom Book Resources for Instructors


This could book could be used for the following courses and talks


There are two set of slides available

Less Detailed Slides


More Detailed Slides

(Total 82 hours of Lectures)

Lab Ideas


Introduction to Computing, Computer Networks or Communication Syllabus (21 hours)


Ubiquitous Computing Syllabus (30 hours)

An second more advanced UbiCom course can add to these slides.


Mobile Services Syllabus (30 hours)

Distributed Computing Course Syllabus (30 hours)

Applied AI / Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligent Systems Course Syllabus (30 hours)

Applied HCI / Ubiquitous Computing and HCI Course Syllabus (17 hours)

Guidance Notes for Instructors