Marie-Luce Bourguet   

Dr. Marie-Luce Bourguet

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, London
E1 4NS

I am currently based in Tokyo (Japan), and teaching in Beijing (China) on the QMUL/BUPT (Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication) joint programme.


My main research interest is in multimodal interaction and its application to language learning. Multimodality is concerned with the integration of several modalities of communication such as speech, handwriting, drawing, gaze and 3D hand gestures in the user interface. A good combination of these modalities has the potential to greatly improve the flexibility, robustness, efficiency and naturalness of human-machine interaction. A multimodal system can also take advantage of the properties of each individual modality and of their possible combinations to reduce error recognition rates (e.g. for speech, handwriting and hand gesture recognition) and prevent the false interpretation of messages (modality co-operation).

Currently, I am working on:

(1)   Developing tools for the design and implementation of multimodal applications

Marie-Luce Bourguet "Towards a Taxonomy of Error Handling Strategies in Recognition-Based Multimodal Human-Computer Interfaces" in Signal Processing Journal, vol. 86, no. 12, December 2006.

(2)   Computer assisted language learning for young bilinguals

Marie-Luce Bourguet, Manjit Plaha & Nick Bryan-Kinns, "Computer Assisted Learning for Young Bilinguals" in Academic Exchange Quarterly vol. 9, no. 3, September 2005.


CV / short bio


SAVANT  Synchronised and Scalable AV content Across NeTworks - European Project IST-2001-34814 (participant)  2002-05

MODCO  New Software Architectures to Enable Modality Co-operation in Multi-Modal Systems - Nuffield foundation Grant Number NAL/00336/G (principal investigator) 2001-03

Japan Science and Technology Agency fellow (selected by the European Commission) 1996 - 1998


- EBU 706U Multimedia Systems (BUPT Joint Programme, 4th year) (2009 - present)

- EBU 5405 3D Graphics Programming Tools (BUPT Joint Programme, 3rd year) (2009 - present)

- EBU 5305 Interactive Media Design and Production (BUPT Joint Programme, 3rd year) (2009 - present)

- ELB 3405 3D Graphics Programming Tools (BUPT Joint Programme, 3rd year) (2008-09)

- ELB 3305 Interactive Media Design and Production (BUPT Joint Programme 3rd year) (2008-09)

- DCS 302 Multimedia Systems (3rd year course) (2005-08)

- AMC 030 Intelligent Multimedia (Master course) (2001-08)

- ODL 220 Multimedia (Distance learning course) (2005-08)
- AMC 045 Research Methods(Master course) (2001-04)
- DCS 224 Graphical User Interface Design  (2nd year course) (2000-03)


- Mutimedia Programme Leader QMUL/BUPT Joint Programme (2014 - present)

- Senior tutor for Masters (2005-08)

- Careers coordinator (2000-04)
- Erasmus and exchange students coordinator (2000-01)