Speech separation and extraction by combining superdirective beamforming and blind source separation


Emulating human auditory systems, a two-stage target speech extraction method is proposed which combines fixed beamforming and blind source separation. With the target speaker remaining in the vicinity of a fixed location, several beams from a microphone array point at an area containing the target, then the beamformed output is fed to a blind source separation scheme to get the target signal. The fixed beamforming preprocessing enhances the robustness to time-varying environments and makes the target signal dominant in the beamformed output and hence easier to extract.


A. Acoustic scenario

B. Signal flow of the combined method

C. Experiment results

Audio files (according to the waveform figure)

Source S5 S6 S7
Mix U1 U2 U3-U8
Beamforming X1 X2 X3
BSS Y1 Y2 Y3
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