Lin Wang

(Assistant Professor)

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University of London
E1 4NS at

I am a Lecturer in Applied Data Science and Signal Processing at QMUL. I am a member of the Centre for Intelligent Sensing (CIS), a member of Institute of Coding (IoC), and an associate member of the Machine Listening Lab. Previously I was a Postdoc at QMUL (2014-17) and a Postdoc at University of Sussex (2017-18), and was Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at University of Oldenburg Germany (2011-13). I obtained my PhD in Signal Processing at Dalian University of Technology China (2010).

My research focuses on audio and visual signal processing, robotic perception and machine learning. I developed microphone array techniques for sound enhancement, source localizaiton and blind source separtation. I developed audio-visual signal processing techniques for acoustic sensing from flying robots (mini-drones). I applied machine learning techniques to human activity and context recogntiion from wearable sensors (motion, GPS, sound and image).

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04/2020: IEEE Sensor paper accepted on multimodal smartphone sensing (motion + audio + visual)

07/2019: 1 paper accepted at Ubicomp 2019 HASCA on the SHL challenge

06/2019: 1 paper accepted at IROS 2019 on drone sound dataset

05/2019: 2 chatpers accepted at Springer Book "Human Activity Sensing"

03/2019: 1 paper accepted at ABC 2019 on vision based transportation mode recognition

02/2019: ICASSP paper accepted on sound-based transportation mode recognition

01/2019: IEEE ACCESS paper accepted on SHL baseline performance

12/2018: 1 EU patent filed on smartphone sensing

07/2018: IEEE ACCESS paper accepted on SHL dataset

07/2018: 3 papers accepted at Ubicomp 2018 on human activity recognition

06/2018: 1 paper accepted at IROS 2018 on acoustic source tracking on drones

04/2018: IEEE TASLP paper accepted on pseudo-determined blind source separation

03/2018: IEEE Sensor paper accepted on acoustic sensing on drones


03/2020: Kick-off meeting of the SHL Challenge 2020 (to be held at Ubicomp 2020, Mexico)

11/2019: Talk at 2nd Bristol Drone Cinematography workshop at Bristol University

11/2019: Attending IROS 2019 at Macau China

09/2019: Talk on SHL Challenge 2019 at Ubicomp 2019, London

09/2019: Chairing the Sound Sensing & AI session and the panel discussion of the CIS Summer School 2019

05/2019: Attending ICASSP 2019 at Brighton

04/2019: Kick-off meeting of the SHL Challenge 2019 (to be held at Ubicomp 2019, London)

03/2019: Attending IoC Annual Conference 2019 at Manchester

01/2019: Talk at Yonsei-QMUL Workshop, at QMUL

10/2018: Talk on SHL Challenge at Ubicomp 2018, Singapore

10/2018: Attending IROS 2018 at Madrid

10/2018: Appointed as Associate Editor of IEEE ACCESS

09/2018: Appointed as Lecturer at QMUL


11/2019: AVQ (the first audio-visual sensing dataset from a multi-rotor drone) is released

10/2019: Training and Tesing dataset for the SHL recognition challenge 2019 available

12/2018: SHL dataset partly available

10/2018: Training and Tesing dataset for the SHL recognition challenge available

Grants & Funding

  • Institute of Coding - Office for Students UK - 2018-2021 - Committee Member
  • Activity Sensing Technologies for Mobile Users - HUAWEI Technology - 2017-2018 - Research Scientist
  • Multisource Audio-Visual Production from User-Generated Content - EPSRC - 2013-2016 - Research Scientist
  • Blind Source Separation in Highly Reverberant Environments - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany - 2011-13 - PI

Academic and Services

    Associate Editor


    Conference/workshop Organizer

    Journal Reviewer

    • Proceeding IEEE
    • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
    • IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
    • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
    • IEEE Access
    • Applied Acoustics
    • Signal Processing
    • IET Signal Processing
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
    • EURASIP Journal on Advanced Signal Processing
    • EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing

PhD Students

Ashish Alex
  • Deep-learning based audio-visual source separation
Faxian Cao
  • Ad-hoc audio-vsiual sensing network
Michael Clayton
  • Robot audition


2019/20: Semester B
  • Machine Learning for Visual Data Analysis
2019/20: Semester A
  • Website Design and Authoring
2019/20: Semester A
  • Applied Statistics
2018/19: Semester B
  • Machine Learning for Visual Data Analysis
2018/19: Semester A
  • Website Design and Authoring
2017/18: Semester B
  • Machine Learning in Wearable Technologies
2017/18: Semester A
  • Website Design and Authoring