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On the probabilistic logical modelling of quantum and geometrically-inspired IR

  1. Smeraldi, M. Martinez-Alvarez, I. Frommholz and T. Rolleke, in Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Information Retrieval Workshop (IIR), Milano (Italy), January 2011


Information Retrieval approaches can mostly be classed into probabilistic, geometric or logic-based. Recently, a new unifying framework for IR has emerged that integrates a probabilistic description within a geometric framework, namely vectors in Hilbert spaces. The geometric model leads naturally to a predicate logic over linear subspaces, also known as quantum logic. In this paper we show the relation between this model and classic concepts such as the Generalised Vector Space Model, highlighting similarities and differences. We also show how some fundamental components of quantum-based IR can be modelled in a descriptive way using a well-established tool, i.e. Probabilistic Datalog.

Full paper (PDF)

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