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10. Du skal ikke tro, at du kan lære os noget (Janteloven)

  1. Thou shalt not believe that thou canst teach us anything - The Law of Jante
... and other inspirational quotes on teaching and education

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science:

  • ECS717 IT Programming for the MSc in Information Systems
  • ECS705 Software and Network Service Design for the MSc in Telecommunications

School of Chemical and Biological Sciences:

  • SBSM034 Coding for Scientists - a new Python module for the MSc Bioinformatics based on iPython Notebooks - a teaching methodology recently reviewed in Nature. See a sample here!
  • SBSM035 Genome Bioinformatics for the MSc Bioinformatics
  • SBSM037 Bioinformatics software development group project for the MSc Bioinformatics

Other courses I taught at Queen Mary in the past:

  • Signals and systems (BSc Electronic Engineering), 2012-2014;
  • Computational Genomics (Bsc, MSc in Computer Science / MSc Bioinformatics with SBCS), 2008-2014;
  • Object Oriented Programming (BSc Computer Science ), 2012;
  • Research Methods I (MSc Computer Science, PhD Media, Arts and Technology), 2011;
  • Procedural Programming (BSc Computer Science), 2002-2010;
  • Research Methods in Bioinformatics (MSc Bioinformatics with SBCS), 2009;
  • Techniques in Computer Vision (MSc in Intelligent Imaging Systems), 2006-2009;
  • Probability and Matrices (BSc Computer Science), 2007;
  • Intelligent Systems III (Web based, Open and Distance Learning Unit), 2005;

Courses I taught at the University of Halmstad:

  • Image Analysis I for Computer Science and Mechatronics Undergraduates, 2000-02
  • Image Analysis II for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering M.Sc. Students, 2000-02

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