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Non-rigid structure from motion using non-parametric tracking and non-linear optimization

  1. Del Bue, F. Smeraldi and L. Agapito, in: Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Articulated and Nonrigid Motion, Washington DC, June 2004


In this paper we address the problem of estimating the 3D structure and motion of a deformable non-rigid object from a sequence of uncalibrated images. It has been recently shown that if the deformation is modelled as a linear combination of basis shapes both the motion and the 3D structure of the object may be recovered using an extension of Tomasi and Kanade's factorization algorithm for affine cameras. The main drawback of the existing methods is that the non-rigid factorization algorithm does not provide a correct estimate of the motion: the motion matrix has a repetitive structure which is not respected by the factorization algorithm. This also affects the estimation of the 3D shape. In this paper we present a non-linear optimization method which minimizes image reprojection error and imposes the correct structure onto the motion matrix by choosing an appropriate parameterization. In addition, we propose a novel non-rigid tracking algorithm based on the use of ranklets, a multiscale family of rank features. Finally, we show that improved motion and shape estimates are obtained on a real image sequence of a person's face which is moving and changing expression.

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