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CLOOSTING: CLustering data with bOOSTING

  1. Smeraldi, M. Bicego, M. Cristani and V. Murino, in Proc. of the 10th international workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems, pp 289-298, Springer (LNCS), 2011


We present a novel clustering approach, that exploits boosting as the primary means of modelling clusters. Typically, boosting is applied in a supervised classification context; here, we move in the less explored unsupervised scenario. Starting from an initial partition, clusters are iteratively re-estimated using the responses of one-vs-all boosted classifiers. Within-cluster homogeneity and separation between the clusters are obtained by a combination of three mechanisms: use of regularised Adaboost to reject outliers, use of weak learners inspired to subtractive clustering and smoothing of the decision functions with a Gaussian Kernel. Experiments on public datasets validate our proposal, in some cases improving on the state of the art.

Full paper (PDF)

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