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Dr Michael Tautschnig



Telephone: +44 20 7882 5226
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 432
Office Hours: Tuesday 13:00-14:30


Microprocessor Systems Design (Undergraduate)

This module examines the structure, applications and programming of microcontroller and similar devices. There will be practical work on using the devices as part of the module. Aims: * To impart an understanding of the architectures of microcontrollers microprocessors, and PIC devices. * To impart an understanding of the design issues in using microcontrollers and similar devices. * To enable students to make an informed choice of microcontrollers or similar device for a particular application. * To enable students to use microcontroller devices in electronic circuits.

Software Analysis and Verification (Undergraduate)

Software analysis and verification is about being able to rigorously analyse and verify software. While testing is a very effective way to eliminate software bugs, it cannot guarantee their elimination. Tools based on logics as introduced in ECS715P 'Programme Specifications' are more and more effective in providing strong guarantees in the analysis and verification of software, in particular in the elimination of software bugs.

Software Analysis and Verification (Postgraduate)

The module will cover: 1. Introduction to Logic for Systems and Program Verification and Analysis 2. Using Hoare Logic: The specification language - describing properties of programs; Proof rules in Hoare logic - verifying properties of programs; Basic technologies behind building automatic program verification tools based on Hoare logic; Using automatic verification tools based on Hoare logic. 3. Introduction to modelchecking and Spin: Temporal logic: modelling states and operations of a system; Modelchecking logics in particular CTL; Safety and Liveness in systems; Using Spin for checking properties and for problem solving.


Research Interests:

Software Verification
Decision Procedures


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