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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Mark Sandler, BSc PhD FIET FAES FIEEE FBCS Ceng FREng


Professor of Signal Processing

Telephone: +44 20 7882 7680
Room Number: Engineering, Eng 404


Digital Signal Processing (Undergraduate)

This is a Level 6 module, which builds upon the signal processing theory introduced in ELE374, Signals and Systems Theory. The main part of the module covers the theory of digital signal processing techniques and digital filter design. The module concludes with an examination of some applications of digital signal processing.

Fundamentals of DSP (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

Introduction: Why DSP, sampling, quantization, Signals, LTI systems, Z transforms and polynomials, DFT, FFT, Spectrum Analysis, FIR filters, IIR filters


Research Interests:

 Digital Signal Processing, especially for Audio and Music; Digital Music; Semantic Web for Music and Audio; Digital Power Amplifiers; Fine Grain Scalable Audio Coding; Audio Segmentation; Music and Audio Ontologies; Audio Features; Semantic Audio; Semantic Media.


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