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Dr John Schormans

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

My main focus is on analysis, simulation and measurement of packet–based networks, in wired and wireless scenarios. This includes evaluating QoE as well as more traditional network performance metrics.


Current and recent PhD students


Adrian Woodrough - A network-centric vertical handover algorithm for Mobile Satellite Services

Mujtaba Roshan - Experimenting with network measurements and evaluating user QoE

Tianhao Guo - User-Experience Informed Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks

Waleed Humayun - error propagation in measuring QoE from QoS metrics


Amna Wahid - Measurement of Overflow Probability in a Packet Buffer

Xingyu Han - Channel Adaptive Analysis in Wireless Networks with Application to Routing

Zhong Bo - Heterogeneous Traffic Cross-Layer QoS Provision with Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks

Amna Wahid - Optimising the sampling rate when measuring packet-level performance in packet networks

Adrian Woodrough (part time, while working for Inmarsat, London, UK) - Analysis of hand-over strategies in satellite networks

Ling Xu - Planning Simulation Run Length in Packet Queues

Vindya Amaradasa - Traffic aggregation techniques for non-FIFO schedulers, 2009

Syeda Samana Naqvi - packet level measurements over wireless MPhil, 2008

Maheen HASIB: Analysis of packet loss probing in packet networks . June 2006

Shaowen LU: A systematic multi-level abstraction approach to error constrained time-stepped accelerated simulation for MANETs . 2006

Sharifah ARIFFIN: Accelerated simulation of a packet buffer with a non-FIFO scheduler . March 2006

Ali RAZA: Layered Space Time Architectures For Mimo Wireless Channels . 2006

Chi Ming LEUNG: Non-Intrusive Measurement in Packet Networks and its Applications . February 2004

Ho I (Athen) MA: Accelerated Simulation of Power-Law Traffic in Packet Networks . September 2003

Robert STEWART, End-toEnd Delay Analysis for Small/Medium Scale IP Networks November 2002

Arif AL-HAMMADI Intelligent Techniques for VBR Traffic Control in ATM Networks . March 2000

Tijana TIMOTIJEVIC System Level Performance of ATM Transmission over a DS-CDMA Satellite Link April 1999

Sufian YOUSEF, APU, 1995

My current Research Grants  

My previous UK government EPSRC research support:


Optimal design of performance measurement experiments for complex, large-scale networks (outcomes described below)



Building a New Community: Modelling, Visualisation and Verification of Large Scale Systems



IPv4 and IPv6 Performance and QoS - 46PaQ



IPv4 and IPv6 Performance and QoS - 46PaQ



Whole System Modelling Of Large-Scale Communication Networks For What-If Evaluation








Focusing on EP/G012628/1 Optimal design of performance measurement experiments for complex, large-scale networks, Key Findings:

Broadband packet communications networks, exemplified by the internet, are supporting virtually all information exchange internationally. Packet-level performance (packet loss and delay) is the dominant factor controlling user experience of these networks, and as user experience is ultimately the key factor driving commercial success, the key network performance measures must be accurately monitored.

A challenging unsolved problem in packet networking has long been: how do we monitor packet level performance in an optimal fashion? This is equivalent to asking how we can ensure that the samples of loss and delay taken from a network contain the maximum amount of information (or that they have minimum variance and bias).

In this project we addressed this question. By modelling networks using Markov state models we have been able to treat network measurement and monitoring as numerical experiments. This crucial step then allowed us to optimise these measurement experiments using the Statistical Theory of the Design Of Experiments (DOE).

The major results of this project include a utility based framework for optimisation of packet network measurement, and a new approach to optimal sampling based on the maximisation of Fisher Information. This latter breakthrough led directly to the development of framework for a new science of DOE that allows the “items” in any experiment to be inter-connected. This is new, and has the potential to revolutionise the use of DOE across a wide range of domains, including agriculture, drug development, viral-marketing techniques, and social policy research as well as in communications networking.

Potential use in non-academic contexts

Potential use in non-academic contexts: Network and Service Providers have an urgent need to accurately monitor the performance of their networks, essentially to ensure that they are meeting the guarantees that are written into their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our research can be used directly to set-up pre-existing network monitoring equipment to ensure that best possible use is made of the monitoring equipment.


Optimal design of measurements on queueing systems

Parker BM, Gilmour S, Schormans J, Maruri-Aguilar H

QUEUEING SYSTEMS 79(3-4):365-390 Apr 2015


Increasing throughput in IEEE 802.11 by optimal selection of backoff parameters

Gilmour SG, Schormans JA, Parker BM

IET Networks 4(1):21-29 01 Jan 2015 DOI for this publication


Utility based framework for optimal network measurement

Schormans J, Parker BM, Gilmour SG

IET Networks 4(1):10-20 01 Jan 2015 DOI for this publication


Evaluating QoE in Cognitive Radio Networks for Improved Network and User Performance

Zhong B, Schormans J, Bodanese E

IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS 17(12):2376-2379 Dec 2013 Author URL DOI for this publication


Performance comparisons between cellular-only and cellular/WLAN integrated systems based on analytical models

Song G, Yang L, Wu J, Schormans J

Frontiers of Computer Science 7(4):486-495 01 Aug 2013 DOI for this publication


Self-organising cluster-based cooperative load balancing in OFDMA cellular networks

Xu L, Chen Y, Chai KK, Schormans J, Cuthbert L

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2013 DOI for this publication


A Performance Study of Hierarchical Heterogeneous Wireless Integrated Networks

Song G, Wu J, Schormans J, Yang L, Cuthbert L



Erlang's fixed-point approximation for performance analysis of HetNets

Song G, Wu J, Schormans J, Cuthbert L

Journal of Applied Mathematics 2012 20 Jun 2012 DOI for this publication


Design of Experiments for Categorical Repeated Measurements in Packet Communication Networks

Parker BM, Gilmour SG, Schormans JA

TECHNOMETRICS 53(4):339-352 Nov 2011 Author URL DOI for this publication



Professional Highlights

FHEA Fellow of the Higher Education Authority

Member of the Editorial Board of IET Communications. Twice acted as Editor for Special Editions of IEE / IET Communications: IET Communications Special Edition on Simulation, Analysis and Measurement of Broadband Network Traffic, 2009; IEE Communications Special Edition on VPNs and Broadband Technology 2004.

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