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Prof Pat Healey

Professor of Human Interaction

Research Interests

Digital technologies provide uniquely flexible media with the potential to transform human communication. They offer new ways to capture, modify and project communicative actions (e.g., words, gestures and expressions). This creates the potential for new forms of mutual-engagement and new forms of ‘language’. My research applies models of human communication - drawn mainly from Psychology and Sociology - to understanding these processes. It uses technology both as an experimental tool for the study of interaction and as an application area for testing and developing theories of interaction.

Professional Highlights

International Chair In Empirical Foundations Of Linguistics Sorbonne Paris Cité University / Université Paris Diderot 2016.  

Senior Researcher In Residence, Digital Catapult Senior Researcher in Residence at the Digital Catapult on Euston Road:

Head Of Cognitive Science Group

Co-Director Of The Media And Arts Technology Programme

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