SERENE Project

SERENE (Safety and Risk Evaluation Using Bayesian Nets) was an EC Project No. 22187 (1996-1999), whose overall objective was to develop a means of using Bayesian Belief Nets (BBNs) to reason about the safety of Programmable Electronic Systems (PES). This objective has been addressed by developing a method, the SERENE Method, for representing PES safety arguments using a BBN and by enhancing an existing BBN tool with features needed to support the method. 

A pdf version of the SERENE Method Manual is available here.

The SERENE method web pages contained a substantial tutorial on Bayesian nets and probability assessment. Please note that this material now appears in an updated tutorial on Bayesian nets and probability. Also, much of the material that previously constituted the SERENE method has now been incorporated into the AgenaRisk tool.