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Prof Mark Plumbley
Professor of Signal Processing
Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of Surrey
Surrey, GU2 7XH

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Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers in
Sparse Methods for Audio Source Separation and
Automatic Music Transcription
(Deadline 25 January 2015)

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Current Research Staff & Students

Chris Baume RS: Semantic Audio Production Tools
Dr Gerard Briscoe RA: Creativeworks London AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub
Chris Cannam RA: SoundSoftware: Sustainable Software for Audio & Music Research
Henrik Ekeus RS: Models of perception and cognition in the artistic design process.
Peter Foster RA: Audio Data Exploration
Shengchen Li RS: Analysis of musical expression
Siddharth Sigtia RA: Advanced Smart Microphone
Andy Simpson RA: Musical Audio Repurposing using Source Separation
Dr Adam Stark RA: Advanced Smart Microphone

Recent Research Staff & Students

Dr Samer Abdallah RS: Towards Music Perception by Redundancy Reduction and Unsupervised Learning in Probabilistic Models, and RA: Information Dynamics of Music and Information and Neural Dynamics of Music (IDyOM-2)
Constantin Barabasa Assoc RS: Sparse representations
Daniele Barchiesi RS: Audio source separation using sparse representations
Marco Bevilacqua Assoc RS: Sparse Representations and Compressive Sensing
Dr Paul Brossier RS: Real-Time Object-Based Coding
Nicolae Cleju Assoc RS: Sparse representations
Dr Ivan Damnjanovic RA: Sparse Models, Algorithms, and Learning for Large-scale data (SMALL) /
Dr Matthew Davies RA: Sparse Models, Algorithms, and Learning for Large-scale data (SMALL)
Luís Figueira RA: SoundSoftware: Sustainable Software for Audio & Music Research
Hiromasa Fujihara Visitor
Dimitris Giannoulis RS: Recognition of sound sources in music and environmental audio
Aris Gretsistas RS: Compressed Sensing of Audio Scenes
Ken O'Hanlon RS: Spare representations of audio signals
Fabio Hedayioglu Assoc RS: Heart sound separation
Jason Hockman Assoc RS: Audio Rhythm Analsys
Dr Maria Jafari RA: Advanced Subband Systems for Audio Source Separation and RA: SMALL
Dr Ian Johnson RS: Regular language processing using neural networks
Hassan Khalil RS: Audio source separation
Jens Klingseisen Assoc RS: Music analysis using Multiple-Cause Models
Boris Mailhe RA: Machine Listening using Sparse Representations
Brandon Mechtley RA: Visualization of sound archives
Antoine Movschin Assoc RS: Artist identification
Tim Murray Browne RS/RA: Automated composition
Hidehisa Nagano Visitor
Dr Andrew Nesbit RA: Sound Source Separation for Music Remixing and RA: Machine Listening using Sparse Representations
Dr Andrew Robertson RS: Interactive Real-time Musical Systems; RAEng/EPSRC Fellow: Intelligent Interactive Musical Performance Systems
Adam Stark RS: Musical Audio Analysis for Real-Time Interaction
Dr Dan Stowell RS: Real-Time Analysis of Voice for Musical Applications, RA: Acoustic scene analysis
Keisuke Toyama MSc by Research: Blind Source Separation
Dr Emmanuel Vincent RA: Object-Based Coding of Musical Audio
Dr Beiming Wang RS: Musical Audio Stream Separation
Steve Welburn RS: Sparse Object-Based Coding of Music

Current & Recent Research Funding


Following my graduation in 1984 (Electrical Sciences Tripos, Churchill College, Cambridge), I joined Thorn-EMI Central Research Laboratories, working on videotape data storage and high-definition TV. In 1987 I returned to Cambridge University Engineering Department as a Research Student under the late Frank Fallside, working on information theory and neural networks, continuing as a Research Associate. In 1991 I joined the Centre for Neural Networks at King's College London, initially in the Department of Mathematics and then Computer Science before moving to Electronic Engineering 1995. I was Joint Coordinator of the the EC-funded NEuroNet Network of Excellence in Neural Networks.

I have been working in source separation and independent component analysis (ICA) for 5 years, following a background in neural networks since 1987, including the particular method of non-negative ICA. I have applied ICA and related models to the analysis of music, including automatic music transcription. In 2002 I joined the new Digital Signal Processing group at Queen Mary, University of London, and later that year visited the ICA group at Helsinki University of Technology on a 3-month Leverhulme Trust Study Abroad Fellowship. Recent EPSRC Funding includes: Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription Using Multiple Cause Models and Independent Component Analysis (GR/R54620/01); Object-based Coding of Musical Audio (GR/S75802/01); Information Dynamics of Music (GR/S82213/01). I currently coordinate the EPSRC Digital Music Research Network (GR/R64810/01) and the ICA Research Network (EP/C005554/1).

In my spare time I dabble in website construction, including helping out on, a website to help students find funding for Masters and PhD study.