I currently lecture the following modules on the QM-BUPT Joint Programme, where appx. 2000 students are currently enrolled.

  • EBU706U: Multimedia Systems

    The module aims to provide students with general knowledge about digital media, their integration and basic processing techniques used to generate multimedia systems. The course also aims to discuss important topics related to the creation of content description interfaces for large multimedia databases; industrial standards such as MPEG 4, 7 and 21; multimedia information retrieval techniques; and multimedia security and copyright aspects.

  • EBU4201: Introductory Java Programming

    The course aims to give students unfamiliar with programming: Knowledge of the basic concepts of programming in an object-oriented language, knowledge of the basic features of the Java programming language, practice in developing simple object-oriented programs.

I previously lectured two units at Bath to second and final year undergraduate students: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision