My research interests:

  • Improving Quality of Experience (QoE) with wired/wireless access including LTE, specifically related to bufferbloat issues
  • Performance evaluation of IP networks specifically related to non-FIFO scheduling and differentiated services
  • Green networking - saving energy in the core and access networks while maintaining QoS
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Accelerated Simulation

Selected publications:

  • Ai T, Wijeratne V and Wahid A: "Impact of Buffer Sizing on Energy Efficiency and Performance", IET Networks - just accepted for publication, 2013.
  • Yu H, Wijeratne V, and Cai Z: “An Energy-Efficient Network Implemented With Junos SDK”, IEEE CCNC, to be presented in January 2013, Las Vegas, USA.*
  • Wijeratne V, Obstfeld J and Phillips C: “Flexible Cloud Environment for Network Studies”, Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Network Education, August 2011, Toronto, Canada.**
  • V. Wijeratne and J. Schormans, “Packet-Delay Invariance to Scheduling Under Congestion”, Proceedings of ICCTA, Beijing, China 2011.
  • V. Amaradasa, J. Schormans, J.M. Pitts and C.M. Leung, “Evaluating Overflow Probability For VoIP Buffer Dimensioning”, IET Communications, 2009, vol. 3, pp 636-643.
  • V. Amaradasa and J. Schormans, “Accelerated Simulation of a GPS Scheduler Using Traffic Aggregation”, 4th International Working Conference on Performance Modelling and Evaluation. of Heterogeneous Networks (HETNET), Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK, 2006.

* In collaboration with Juniper Networks China R&D.

** In collaboration with Juniper Networks UK/USA.