BSc/MSci Students Project Suggestions

Projects relating to Biometrics

Gait recognition

The way people walk can be used for identification. In this project, you will implement the state-of-the-art Gait Energy Image based approach for gait recognition. Experiments will be first carried out using images captured under well-controlled indoor environment. The limitations of the approach applied in an outdoor environment will be evaluated and possible improvements will be exploited.

Projects relating to video surveillance for safety and security

Luggage detection

The objective is to detect luggage from image sequences. This project will have two steps:
Step A: A part-based statistical luggage model will be built to be intrinsically robust to occlusions. The challenge is to cope with different types of luggage.
Step B: the interaction between luggage and people will be investigated. After the detection of a piece of luggage, the system needs to interpret whether it belongs to an owner, or it is left unattended.

Abnormal behaviour detection

Detecting abnormal/suspicious behaviour from video is one the most critical tasks of video surveillance. This project will attempt to develop an efficient representation of human behaviour captured in CCTV surveillance video and build a model for what is normal. The model is then used to detect anomaly.

Projects relating to data mining and machine learning

Semi-supervised learning

Building a model using partly labelled data is called semi-supervised learning. You will start with a simple Gaussian Mixture Model and synthetic datasets and implement a state-of-the-art semi-supervised learning algorithm. Its limitation is then evaluated which will lead to possible improvements. The developed algorithm will be applied to real-world vision data.