ACM, British Chapter

European Union Copyright Directive lecture

City University ODL Unit

The Campaign for Digital Rights, Lonix, the Department of Computing, City University, ACM British Chapter and the ODL Unit, Queen Mary, University of London recently held a public lecture concerning the implications of the European Union Copyright Directive due to come into force across the EU by 2005. For more information please visit the Eurorights website.

Below you will find links to various versions of this lecture which you are welcome to listen, watch or read. Expect the list to grow over the next couple of weeks, but a few tasters are available now.


Copyright 2002 Permission to make digital or other copies of part or all of this work is granted without fee provided that copies bear this notice and full citation prominently at the start and are not cut so as to misrepresent. Abstracting with credit is permitted. Original copyright is held with the individual speakers.


Ogg Vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is acoustically better than MP3 and isn't encumbered by similar software patents. See www.vorbis.com for players for most operating systems. These files at 16bit mono tracks encoded at a 32Kb bitrate (should be suitable for modems).

Part I - Introduction by Julian Midgley of Campaign for Digital Rights (0.42Mb)
Part II - Alan Cox (12.9Mb)
Part III - Martin Keegan (10.9Mb)


The WAVs have been provided for those who wish to re-encode them. They are 44kHz mono tracks, recorded from two microphones at the rear of the auditorium.

NB. They are large and you'll need gzip to uncompress them.

Julian's introduction (2Mb)
Alan Cox (52Mb)
Martin Keegan (52Mb)



Copies of Alan's slides are now available.


Quicktime (Sorenson codec)

Having problems with the Quicktime implementation OpenDivX. So the first release will probably be using the standard codec. Though nothing is finished yet :-(

Still images

Not available yet.


Not available yet. If anyone wants to do this, please email us.
A couple of recent lectures by Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond are also available.
Tom King
Open and Distance Learning Unit
Queen Mary, University of London