Chen Change Loy

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

RIM Group
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University, London
E1 4NS
t.hospedales at

I am a Lecturer in Computer Science with the Risk and Information Management (RIM) group at QMUL. Previously, I coordinated the behaviour monitoring work package for the SAMURAI EU FP7 project at QMUL ('08-11). During my PhD, I worked with Sethu Vijayakumar in the Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control group and Edinburgh's IPAB and ANC institutes.

My background spans informatics & neuroscience (PhD Neuroinformatics, Edinburgh, 2008; MSc Neuroinformatics, Edinburgh 2004), machine learning (MSc Informatics, Edinburgh, 2003) and computer science (BA Computer Science, University of Cambridge, 2002).

My academic interests include probabilistic modelling and machine learning: applied variously to interactive learning, structure learning, data mining, computer vision, behaviour understanding, data fusion, robotics, motion-capture, novel human-computer interfaces and theoretical neuroscience.


08/2013: Paper accepted to ICCV 2013

08/2013: Paper accepted to IEEE PAMI

10/2013: Yongxin Yang joins our lab

05/2014: EPSRC Grant Awarded

06/2014: 3x Papers accepted to ECCV 2014

07/2014: 2 papers on Open World Re-identification

06/2014: 3x Fully funded PhD positions available starting Autumn 2014.

1. Studentship in Intelligent Sensing. [Closed].
2. Studentship in Machine Intelligence.
3. TBA.

06/2014: 1x Postdoc position available starting Autumn 2014. Email me for informal inquiry

Sample code for active learning & discovery (PAKDD'11,TKDE'11,ECCV'12)

Unsegmented sports news dataset available (ICDM'11). Includes reference extracted STIP features and ground-truth multi-label annotation.

Sample code for MCTM (ICCV'09, IJCV'11) and WSJTM (ACCV'10, PAMI'11)

Grants & Funding

  • Transfer Learning for Person Re-Identification - EPSRC 2014/15 - PI


  1. Ph.D. Neuroinformatics, University of Edinburgh, 2008
    Thesis: Bayesian Multisensory Perception
    Advisor: Sethu Vijayakumar
    Examiners: Carl Rasmussen and Amos Storkey

  2. MSc, Neuroinformatics, University of Edinburgh, 2004
    Thesis: Functional Organization & Plasticity in the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
    Advisor: Mayank Dutia

  3. MSc, Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 2003
    Thesis: Optimal Learning in Neurons with Active Dendritic Spines
    Advisor: David Barber

  4. BA, Computer Science, University of Cambridge, 2002
    Dissertation: A Probabilistic Approach for Commodity Eye-Tracking
    * Best Dissertation Prize, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
    * UK SET Computer Science Student of the Year Award
    Advisor: David Mackay

Professional Experience

  1. Vision Semantics Limited, United Kingdom
    Consultant, 2009-Present
    Projects: MCT (Reidentification), Super Resolution, Egocentric Behaviour Profiling
  2. Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
    Postdoctoral Researcher, 2008-2012
    Projects: SAMURAI

Academic and Services


    • ICCV, ECCV, ACCV, AVSS, ICPR, BMVC (* Distinguished Reviewer Award 2012), ECCV-ReId, CISP, ICNC-FSKDD

    Journal Reviewer

    • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
    • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
    • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
    • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part B
    • IEEE Transactions on Human Machine Systems
    • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
    • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
    • International Journal of Computer Vision
    • Image and Vision Computing
    • International Journal of Robotics Research
    • Neurocomputing
    • IEEE Signal Processing Letters
    • Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
    • Journal of Electronic Imaging
    • SPIE Optical Engineering
    • Advances in Artificial Intelligence
    • IET Intelligent Transport Systems

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Active Learning

Behaviour and Action Understanding

Person re-identification

Attribute Learning

General Computer Vision and Machine Learning




Bookchapter / Workshop / Thesis

PhD Students

Yongxin Yang
  • Lifelong Learning
Kunkun Pang
  • Active Learning & Perception

PhD Students, Co-supervisor

  • Attributes, Ranking
  • Weakly Supervised Learning, Attributes
  • Person Re-identification, Attributes
  • Visual Surveillance, Transfer Learning


2014/15: Semester A
  • Data Mining
2014/15: Semester B
  • Java (BUPT)
2013/14: Semester A
  • Data Mining
2013/14: Semester B
  • Semantic Web
2012/13: Semester A
  • Information Systems
2012/13: Semester B
  • Semantic Web