This table contains all sound examples from Table 1 in "A Simple Method to Determine if a Music Information Retrieval System is a Horse"
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Explanation: The music excerpts we test are in the first column. Consider the first row, which is the excerpt of Little Richard. A system trained on a fold of the GTZAN dataset labels as ``Blues'' the excerpt in the Blues column. It labels as ``Classical'' the excerpt in the Classical column. And so on.
System trained on a fold of GTZANSystem trained on ISMIR2004 training datasetSystem trained on a fold of PandaMood
Music ("Original" soundfile) Blues Classical Country Disco Hiphop Jazz Metal Pop Reggae Rock Classical Electronic Jazz/Blues Metal/Punk Rock/Pop World Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4 Cluster 5
``Last Year's Race Horse (Can't Run in this Year's Race)'', Little Richard
``William Tell Overture'', Rossini
``A Horse Called Music'', Willie Nelson
``10000 Horses Can't be Wrong'', Simian Mobile Disco
``Horse Outside'', The Rubberbandits
``(Ghost) Riders in the Sky'', Leonard Gaskin
``Heavy Horses'', Jethro Tull
``Bring on the Dancing Horses'', Echo \& The Bunnymen
``Mule Train'', Count Prince Miller
``Wild Horses'', The Rolling Stones