The Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session

Music generated by a recurrent neural network named folk-rnn,
trained on over 23,000 tunes posted to The Session

Tunes with titles are generated by the first version of folk-rnn, which learned to generate titles

Tunes starting with numbers are generated by the second version of folk-rnn,
and come from the folk-rnn Session Book Volumes 1-10

Tunes starting with 'fv3' are generated by the third version of folk-rnn,
which was trained on a version of the training data involving transpositions of the material,
to have a root C and C# (over 46,000 transcriptions, trained on a Titan X Pascal GPU donated by the NVIDIA Corporation)

Playlist updated every 5 minutes

  1. Porolma Turn 22123
  2. Reel Tune Walty 2888
  3. fv3_4026_28270
  4. 603_25381
  5. Kachenlo Mamon's Scottisirn 5816
  6. 3584_17527
  7. fv3_2854_3842

Total number of tunes synthesised now: 47747

Created by: Bob L. Sturm and João Felipe Santos. (More info.)