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Steven Hargreaves

centre for digital music
queen mary, university of london

Music Information Retrieval

ISMIR - The International Society for Music Information Retrieval

SALAMI - Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information

Multitrack Sources

ccMixter Creative Commons multitrack resource.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts A couple of Brian Eno and David Byrne multitracks.

Real World Remixed This site allows you to download 'sample packs' - multitrack recordings from Real World Records and Peter Gabriel. I don't think the site has full, time-aligned stems unfortunately. Instead, you can create new mixes from the sample packs.

Karaoke Version This site sells multitrack versions of a lot popular western rock & pop chart music. Multitrack stems from Nine Inch Nails. More multitrack stems from Nine Inch Nails.


Queen Mary University of London - The Centre for Digital Music

The University of Salford - Acoustics

The University of Edinburgh - Informatics

last updated 17th July 2012