It is impossible for me to read contemporary mathematicians who, instead of saying, "Petya washed his hands", write: "There is a t _1< 0 such that the image of t_1 under the natural mapping t_1 -> Petya(t_1) belongs to the set of dirty hands, and a t_2, t_1

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Title: Reader
Thesis: DPhil in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, UK with the title "Independence in Bounded Arithmetic"
Research Interests: Mathematical Logic, Bounded Arithmetic, Complexity Theory, Representation Theory and Algebra, Network Coding and Information Theory.
Current PhD students: Nhat Anh Dang (2011 - ), Sune Jakobsen (2012 - ) (shared with Peter Keevash) Howard Manning (2011 - ) (Second supervisor with Peter McOwan).
Former Post Doctorial Students: Maximilien Gadouleau (2010-2012), Antonia Katzouraki (2010-2011), Emil Vaughan (2011-2012), Rahil Baber (2012)
Former PhD Students: Stefan Dantchev (1998-2001), Taoyang Wu (2004-2009), Sun Yun (2004-2009), John Fabien (2009-2012) (second supervisor with Mark Jerum)
Teaching , Supervising and coaching

Online papers and preprints by topic:

Network Coding (link to "Network Coding Seminars")

Baber, R., Christofides, D., Dang, A,D., Riis, S., Vaugh, E,R. "Multiple Unicasts, Graph Guessing Games and non-Shannon Information Inequalities" preprint

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Riis, S. "Linear versus non-linear Boolean functions in Network Flow" , appears in the Proceedings of CISS 2004

Algebraic proof complexity

Riis, S. "On the asymptotic Nullstellensatz and Polynomial Calculus proof complexity" LICS 2008 A much longer and more detailed technical report of the paper can be found at ECCC TR09-014 .

Riis, S. "A dimension Theorem for Permutation Modules" (preprint 2005)

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Propositional proof Complexity

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Bounded Arithmetic

Riis, S. "Count(q) does not imply Count(p)" Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 90(1-3): (1997) 1-56

Riis, S. "Count(q) versus the pigeon-hole principle" Arch. Math. Logic 36 no. 3 (1997) 157-188

Beame, P., Riis, S. "More on the Relative Strength of Counting Principles" Appear in: DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science Vol. 39, (1998) 13-35

Riis, S. "Finitisation in Bounded Arithmetic" : Slightly extended version of: Making infinite structures finite in models of Second Order Bounded Arithmetic.In: Arithmetic, proof theory and computational complexity, Oxford University Press (1993) 289-319


Hägele, K., Dúnlaing, C., Riis, S. "The complexity of scheduling TV commercials" Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Volume 40, March 2001, Pages 162-185 MFCSIT2000, The First Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and Information Technology

Andersson, A., Miltersen, P.B., Riis, S., Thorup, M. "Dictionaries on RAMs: Query Time \theta(sqrt(logn/loglogn) is Necessary and Sufficient" In STOCS (1996)

Riis, S. "Bootstrapping the Primitive Recursive Functions by 47 Colours" : Appear as RS-94-25 in the BRICS rapport series. Premilinary version of the Journal version: "Bootstrapping the Primitive Recursive Functions by only 27 Colours" appear in Discrete Mathematics Vol 169 no1-3 (1997) 269-272