Interface Summary
ProgressIndicator Interface for callback functionality for implementing a progress bar

Class Summary
Agent Agent is the central class for beat tracking.
AgentList Class for maintaining the set of all Agents involved in beat tracking a piece of music.
AudioFile A simple class for reading audio data from files.
AudioProcessor Audio processing class (adapted from PerformanceMatcher).
BeatRoot The main class of the BeatRoot application.
BeatTrackDisplay Main panel of BeatRoot's GUI, which displays the audio and beat data and allows editing, scrolling, selecting, etc
Chooser An extension of the Swing file chooser for specific file types.
ControlPanel The panel at the bottom of BeatRoot's GUI containing the buttons
EditAction Implements undo and redo for most beat editing actions.
EventProcessor Key, menu, and button event processing.
FileFilters Implements a set of file filters for the file types used by BeatRoot.
GUI The main window of BeatRoot's graphical user interface.
Induction Performs tempo induction by finding clusters of similar inter-onset intervals (IOIs), ranking them according to the number of intervals and relationships between them, and returning a set of tempo hypotheses for initialising the beat tracking agents.
PanelScroller A listener class for the scrollbar, which notifies the GUI's main panel when the scrollbar is moved.
ZoomListener A listener class for notifying the GUI's main panel about changes in the zoom level.