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Exploitation and Future Work

A selection of integrated face detection, tracking and recognition systems have been developed in the course of this project, utilising and evaluating methods for learning face appearance models at both near frontal views and across views, the fusion of visual motion and adaptive colour models, online scale normalisation and view alignment, identify recognition of moving faces at near frontal and across views in real-time [3, 6, 11, 15]. As a result, an industrial funded project has commenced since September 1998 at Queen Mary and Westfield College which aims to further develop and market these systems.

Closely related to this project, another EPSRC funded project (ISCANIT) has also been started in July 1998 at QMW to address issues concerning the modelling of human body movement and gestures and the interpretation of human behaviour and intention for visually mediated interaction, video-conferencing and applications in virtual reality [4, 13, 21].