QMUL Ensemble of Localised Features (ELF)

We present here our implementation of Gray and Tao's Ensemble of Localised Features, as used in our research publications. The code is hosted on Github, and should be easy to use. The code is for academic, non-commercial research use only, and we request you make the following citations if you find it of assistance in your work:

     [1] Gray, D., & Tao, H. (2008). Viewpoint invariant pedestrian recognition with an ensemble of localized features. European Conference on Computer Vision. Marseille, France.

     [2] Layne, R., Hospedales, T. M., & Gong, S. (2012). Person Re-identification by Attributes. British Machine Vision Conference. Surrey, England.

You can find the code here: Download ELF code on GitHub.

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