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QMUL Ensemble of Localised Features (ELF)

We are hosting our implementation of Gray and Tao's Ensemble of Localised Features (ELF) person descriptor on github.

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Attributes for Re-identification

We present here our attributes ground-truth labels, as used in the below publications. Attributes are a compelling representation for re-identification; they're low-dimensional, often easy to classify, and lastly they are quite compatible with other standard tools such as distance-metric learning and transfer.


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MRP Drone Datasets [UPDATED]

Two datasets, Dataset 01 containing Drone sensor data, person detections and annotation labels for person identity over a number of indoor and outdoor drone flights. Dataset 02 contains raw frame data of the entire flights.

Attribute Flickr Datasets [UPDATED]

A huge number of photographs from Flickr, resulting from queries relating to personal attributes, or "soft biometrics" like "red shirt" or "blue jeans". This dataset contains (very) noisy metadata, photos, and extracted person detections. Coming soon.