Richard Bornat


Latest work

Most of my work is reported elsewhere (see below), but I'd like to publicise my work on finding barriers/fences for concurrent algorithms running on PowerPC. The work was done mainly in the Cambridge Computer Lab, and partly in QMUL. The paper submitted to PODC is here. A slightly earlier version, not so good on propagation effects, was submitted to PODC 2012.

Feet back under the table

After 25 years at Queen Mary (and Westfield) (College) and a few months unemployment, I went off in a huff to the School of Computing at Middlesex. Had I been entirely in the right frame of mind, I should never have left.

I'm better now, and I'm proud to report that QM (University of London) made me Professor Emeritus (which only means "time served" in Latin, but I'm still proud). I've retired from Middlesex, and from paid employment in general, but I'm still researching. For various reasons my research is reported on my Middlesex page. I also have a private home page at the Phone Coop with non-workish things.


Jape is still alive, and still online, courtesy of Bernard Sufrin. Bugs and feedback to me, at any of my various email addresses.


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