Past Research Assistant

  1. BulletMr. Chris Gungaloo

  2. BulletDr. Matthew Woolf

Past Research Students

  1. BulletDr. Shi Zhou, Parameterising and Modelling the Internet Topology

  2. BulletDr. Xionan Yang, Improving Traffic Delivery in Ad hoc Networks using Temporal Connectivity

  3. BulletDr. Huai Huang, Control of Aggregated TCP traffic

  4. BulletDr. Linlin Song, Random graph models for wireless communication networks

  5. BulletDr. Ling Liu, Simplifying large-scale communication networks with weights and cycles

  6. BulletDr. Zhijia Huang, Topology and Congestion Invariant in Global Internet-Scale Networks

Past Grants & Projects

EPSRC Bridging the Gaps Initiative, Coagulation and Communications (2010), PIs R.J. Mondragon & K. Brohi (Barts and the London School of Medicine), Value £8, 830.

EU STREP Diagnosing vulnerability, emergent phenomena, and volatility in man-made networks, Partners: Queen Mary University of London, JRC-IPSC, Collegium Budapest, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Universita Carlo Cattaneo, LIUC, National Emergency Supply Agency, Gestore Mercato Elettrico. Coordinator: D.K. Arrowsmith, CI in QMUL: J.M. Pitts, R.J. Mondragon, 1.1 M Euros £740, 000

EPSRC/EP/C520246/1 Topology and congestion Invariants in Global Internet-scale Networks (2005-2008) Value £195, 421 PI: R.J.Mondragon, CI: P.M. Pitts

GR/R30136/01 Small-World Modelling of Internet Behaviour, Value £63,161, PI: RJ Mondragon

EPSRC GR/T18615/01 Whole System Modelling Of Large–Scale Communication Networks For What– If Evaluation, (2004-2007), £237, 237 PI: J.M. Pitts, CI: J.M. Schormans, C.M. Phillips, R.J. Mondragon and D.K. Arrowsmith.

BT PhD Case Student Sponsorship, (2003-2007), Value £25, 000. PhD student Ms. Linlin Song

EPSRC GR/S15730/01 (2002-2003) Adaptive Methods of Congestion Control for Internet Traffic £6,550, PI. D.K.

Arrowsmith. CI: J.M. Pitts and R.J. Mondragon.

The Nuffield Foundation (2002), Undergraduate Research Bursary on Exploiting the Topological Properties of a Network for Faster Network–traffic Simulation, Value £1,160

EPSRC GR/R30136/01 (2001-2004) Small–world Modelling of Internet Behaviour, Value £63,161. PI: R.J. Mondragon

Past Grants and Students

Supervision of Exchange project student

  1. Bullet    Matteo Garossi, (2008) Modelling
    Aggregated Traffic in Core Networks, University of Ferrara, Italy. Project Mark: 1st class.