About me

That's me!

Hi! I’m Petar PalaĊĦek and this is my website. How exciting!

I’m a PhD student at the Multimedia and Vision Research Group at Queen Mary University of London. I’m working under the supervision of Dr Ioannis (Yiannis) Patras on the topic of Action Recognition using Deep Learning. My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Fun Things.

Check out my publications list by clicking here or have a look at my blog here. I also have a linkedin profile here and a github profile here. My e-mail address is: p.palasek AT qmul.ac.uk

Since I’ve been at QMUL I’ve worked as a teaching assistant for the following modules:

  • ECS607U/ECS766P - Data Mining (Sep 2016 - today)

  • ECS401 - Procedural Programming (Sep-Dec 2015, Sep-Dec 2014)

  • ECS414 - Object-Oriented Programming (Jan-Apr 2015, Jan-Mar 2014)

  • ECS708 - Machine Learning (Oct-Dec 2014, Nov 2013)

  • ECS510 - Algorithms and Data Structures in an Object-Oriented Framework (Sep-Dec 2013)

Thank you for dropping by!