Motion from real image sequences

For full details please see Jason Dales page

Jason Dale, a PhD student in our group, also demonstrated the models operation on real image sequences, such as the traffic sequence, as shown in the image below. In this image the furthest left panel shows a single frame from the motion sequence, the middle panel the speed measures obtained, scaled to the full image brightness, and the panel on the right the direction of motion, which should be read with reference to the surrounding colour wheel. This model is therefore capable of performing high quality motion based segmentation, for applications such as target acquisition, and as a first step in an image interpretation system.

The vision research group is currently developing a real-time computer based version of the motion model, supported by SIRA, the optical metrology company. This PhD project aims to implement the model on a dedicated hardware board for a PC We would be very interested to hear from any companies who would be interested in developing commercial systems based on our algorithms.




Jason Dale demonstrates the real time version of our motion model at the AVA meeting in London on Motion perception and imaging, 15th March 2000