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The following movies supporting our papers are available here

Please Note: these movies are for demonstration purposes only, as second order stimuli need to be displayed on accurately gamma corrected screens.

McOwan P. W. & Johnston A. Motion transparency arises from perceptual grouping: evidence from luminance and contrast modulation motion displays, Current Biology 6 (1996) pp 1343-1346 Download .pdf [movie showing transition between transparent and rotational motion] (.avi format) Explanation: As the background luminance changes, it passes through a level where the stimulus is second order (depending on the gamma of your screen), at which stage the transparency breaks up.

McOwan P. W., Benton C. Dale J. & Johnston A, A multi-differential neuromorphic approach to motion detection, International Journal of Neural Systems, 9 (1999) pp429-434 Download .pdf [movie showing processing of real image sequence]

Johnston A, Benton C & McOwan P W, Induced motion at texture-defined motion boundaries, Proc. Royal Soc. Lond. B 266 (1999) pp 2441-2450. Download .pdf [movie of induced motion in second order stimulus]


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