Computer Graphics coursework

If you attend the labs and do the work, you will eventually get:

You will do the coursework week by week in the lab sessions.

  • The coursework will count 20% towards the final examination mark for this course. Specifically for 100% cousework marks:
    • Parallel Projection: Transform (20%), Data Structure (10%), Visibility (10%), Rendering (10%)
    • Perspective Projection: Transform (15%), Data Structure (5%), Visibility (5%), Clipping (10%), Rendering (10%), GUI etc (5%)
  • If you want to achieve a good mark then you must experiment with extra graphics techniques. For an example of what can be achieved, see this demo.
  • You may demonstrate your coursework during the last 2 lab sessions in Week 11&12 to the teaching assistants. A demonstration and code inspection are required.

Note that we will look at your code and ask you questions about how it works. It will be quite easy for us to spot code that is duplicated or that you dont understand. (Obviously, inline with departmental and college policy plagiarism will not be well recieved. Althought it is a good idea to work together to get an understanding - the code itself is yours alone).

  • The absolute deadline is the end of week 10. See the specific year pages for details. Please get your coursework signed off as soon as possible.