Peter Foster

I completed my PhD at the Centre for Digital Music, at Queen Mary University of London; my thesis work examined using information-theoretic measures of predictability for the purpose of determining musical similarity in audio-based music content retrieval. I have subsequently worked as a postdoctoral researcher on identifying sounds in domestic environments, in collaboration with Audio Analytic Ltd; and as a postdoctoral researcher on automatic music transcription, in collaboration with DoReMIR Music Research AB.

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The CHiME-Home dataset is a collection of annotated domestic environment audio recordings. Labels are assigned at the level of 4-second chunks. The set of possible labels is child speech, adult male speech, adult female speech, video game / TV, percussive sounds, broadband noise, other identifiable sounds.


pyitlib is a library of information-theoretic methods for general data analysis and machine learning tasks, implemented in Python and NumPy.

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