Dr Paul Curzon

Undergraduate/Masters Project Ideas

My main area of interest for project supervision are investigations of human error related to interactive system use, including formal modelling and verification.

The following are ideas to get you thinking - use your imagination around the given topics rather than seeing them as prescriptive. The suggestions are linked to my new research project CHI+MED on the design of medical devices though similar things can be done in other application areas.

Human Error Projects

These projects involve doing investigations into what features of interactive systems lead to people making mistakes using them. Projects involve for example programming two versions of a game or puzzle where the interface of one has some interface problem and seeing how peoples behaviour differs between them. Other projects involve writing programs or formal models that behave like people, or otherwise help analyse situations where people make mistakes. Follow this link to find out more.

Implementation Projects

The following projects are linked to my CHI+MED research programme on safer medical devices, developing simulators and tools we need to help understand teamworking situations such as nurses in a busy hospital ward. Follow this link to find out more.